Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hi Friends......

Sharing some more projects with you today.  First up is a canvas I made for the lovely Prima DT co-ordinator Sharon.  I was so happy to make this for Sharon and her beautiful family:):)  This piece is so much prettier IRL!  I hope she loved it just as much as I loved creating it!

I added some Modelling paste to the bricks to give them some texture:)  A little bit of fussy cutting and lots of beautiful Prima flowers!

I made this layout of my sweet boy with the November PPP in mind.  I really loved these colours together, a touch vintage!!  I used the Printery line including papers, resist canvas and flowers:)

"This Smile"

Some closeups:)

Here is my next Shimmerz layout:)  My gosh I had soooooooo much fun making this!  The colours just blended perfectly and everything just come together so easily for me....woo hoo!!  I started out by misting the background, I then started tearing and distressing the paper and adding more misting as I went along.  I take the nozzle off and let the colours drip off the end aswell.  I really love working with shells, they are just so fun to alter!

"Building Sandcastles"

Some closeups:  I even added a teeny bit of sand to the layout which had actually fallen out of the shells we had recently collected:)

I used Coloringz in Mandarin Mai Tai, Lime Da Coconut and Mama Sings the Blues.  I also used Vibez in Jeni B Bleu and Pearlz in Green with Envy. 

And just because I can't help myself.......Tim calls me a mean Mummy for making him wear crazy hats, I don't think Mason minded though, he loved playing with the tassels:)  During this session was when my camera died for the 3rd or 4th time this week......so guess what hubby bought me over the weekend.....a new Nikon.....now I just need to work out how to use it again!!  Yes, I am spoilt, but that's okay I deserve it sometimes....hehe;)

So Kobi's pirate party was sooo cool and fun!!  Haven't uploaded the pics onto the computer yet but when I do I will share.....my boys made some super duper cute pirates that's for sure!!!

Have a fantastic week,
Hugs xo

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A few things.........

So today my little middle man turned 3!!!  It seems like it was yesterday when he was like this,  I really feel like he's has grown up in a blink of the eye.  It is so scary how time seems to be moving so fast these days!  I love you so so much my little Kobi and hope you have a super fun time at your Pirate Party on the weekend:):)

While I am here I'd love to share some super sweet deals Shimmerz is having:):) Click here to start shopping!!

So if it couldn't get any worse than me almost losing my external hard drive a couple of weeks ago my camera has now decided to stuff up.  I have a Nikon D60 and the shutter is playing up.  It is coming up with Error, press shutter release again????  I have found a forum and hubby has done as they have to try and fix it.  Yes it fixed the problem but only for a few more shots and then it has got stuck again.  Has anyone had this problem before??  I have really used my camera alot (and I mean ALOT) over the past 3 and a bit years but would it really be worth fixing or do you just think it might be on it's way out? I really don't have a clue when it comes to this sort of stuff.......which then brings me to my next question, if I was to get a new camera, do you have any recommentations??  I think I would love to stay with a Nikon but is 3 years out of a camera a really crappy figure....I don't know.....but I have definately got my money's worth out of it the amount of pictures I have taken....I am such a bad overshooter...lol!!!! Any help or tips etc would be greatly appreciated:):)

Hugs xo

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Limited Edition Shimmerz!!

Don't forget to get your Limited Edition Shimmerz for the Festive Season:)  Get your order in now by visting the Shimmerz store!!!  Click here!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Quick Share

Just thought I would pop by quickly and share this layout I made for Prima:)  My gorgeous little niece Gracie turned 2 back in August.  She is super sweet and how much fun did I have playing with pretty pinks!!!!


Just a closeup.....loving the Resist Canvas pieces:):)

I have a couple more to share but will another day:)

I will leave you with a picture of Mason having his first swim yesterday.  He absolutely loved it and we have been back in again today.....woo hoo, I have another water baby!!!!

Have a wonderful week xo

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Unfortunately I didn't make the Hambly DT but wanted to come by and share with you the layout I created for my application.  I am so so so happy to see this amazing, super talented gal on the team.  She so deserves it and rocks with Hambly!!!!

"By The Sea"

Just some closeups.....I really loved making this, so beachy!!!

How adorable is this Prima Metal Treasure?

Thankyou so much for the lovely compliments of my photos.  You are all so wonderful and kind but unfortunately I don't look like that everyday, it's more a case, did I even brush my hair today.......lol!!!! 

Hugs xo

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Color Room + Shimmerz

Hi everyone, hope your weekend was a good one!  Thought I would just pop by to share with you my Color Room layout for this week.   I really love playing with white atm:)  Lots of Prima, a bit of Glitz and lots of texture paste in here!  I absolutely love the way Mason's blue eyes just pop with this combo. 

"Magic In Your Eyes"

And the palette............Oops when I printed this off my computer it definately threw more of a yellow tone......anyway......

My next layout is my first layout featuring Shimmerz.  You can see here which colours etc I used:)  I let alot of the mists run down the page and flicked some here and there.

Mason giggles so hard at his brothers he almost brings tears to his eyes!!  It's totally adorable:)


I painted Shimmerz onto Hambly.

EEEEkkkkkk........here's something different.......piccies of myself!!!!  I had a football ladies night last night and had Tim take some pics of me before I headed out.  I was being silly with some poses but I don't mind these ones.  I even had a few foils put in my hair last week.....thinking of going lighter again (which I haven't been since I got married)!!  Getting dressed up doesn't happen very often for me these days so it really felt nice......mind you when Mum picked me up last night the first thing I did was take my wedges off....lol!!!!

Hugs xo

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New DT + shares:):)

I am now on the Design Team for Shimmerz!!!!  Oh how much fun I am going to have with all of this gorgeous colour, shimmer and shine!!  I can't wait to get stuck and create with this yummo product:):)  Check out my little intro here and all the other fabulous girls on the team!  I hope you come join me on this journey!  I must admit it's not a product I am familiar with but boy am I going to have fun exploring and creating with it!

Here I have a new Prima layout:)  It's using the Romantique collection would you believe!!!  But I went with the ice blues and white for my boys:)

"My Greatest Love"

I will share some closeups aswell as the product list here:

#843540 "Love Ledger"
#843403 "The Courts"
#843458 "Hedgerow"
#843434 "Estella"
#890858 Metal Bird Cages
#539313 Belle Artes Aquarius
#553319 Conventry Rose Pixie Glen
#551520 SIIC
#890766 Resin Mushrooms
#546427 Gatesby Peace
#930042 Vintage Trinkets
#550073 Typography
#552077 Meredith Natural
#552268 Solitaire
#553104 Allure
#552404 Miss Kate
#553029 Gillian Cinder
#551926 Amore
#553036 Gillian White
#890742 Shabby Chic Resin

I just adore these metal bird cages!!!  I just applied some Modeling Paste on the edges:)

Here is the Meredith flower in Natural......I really loved this set (2 flowers and a butterfly) in the release.....in all colours!!! 

Amore heart + a Vintage Trinket

I want to share a card I made with some Webster's Pages Let's Celebrate.

"Today is Special"

I just wanted to say thankyou lovely girls who left me comments last post:):)  It's so nice to know you are not alone and we all have our ups and downs....we are all human  after all!!  My darling husband.......gosh I loved him a WHOLE lot on Saturday...lol;) has got my external hardrive working again, but we also bought another and backed it all up on there!!  Wow, that was such a horrible feeling thinking I may have lost photos! The other dramas are still not fixed, but meh, at least I have my photos:):)

A few weekends ago we went on a litte getaway to Bargara and surrounds.  Please somebody up there let me win the Lotto so we can have a beach house....lol!!!!!!  So here are a couple of pics:)

Thanks so much for popping by, don't forget to say "hi":):)
Hugs xo

Friday, November 4, 2011

Not having the best of weeks........

Arrrgh, it's been one of those weeks!!!  Technology is definately not my friend this week....Firstly my Iphone got a teeny bit wet and now it hardly works, no lights and I can't hear it ringing.  I tried the whole sitting it in rice thing, it now turns on but that's about it!  Secondly, my external hardrive just stopped working........which is reallllllyyyy stressing me out because that is where all my photos are!!!  I have so many of them backed up but there are some that aren't (stupuid, stupid me!)  Thirdly my internet plays up every so often and needs to be reset all the time...I think it's time for a new router.  Lastly our pool chlorinator stopped working too, $330 later and apparently it's fixed, we will see next week when we get it back!!!!!  To top it all off the big boys have been driving me mental today.....I just wanna cry!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Okay rant over....deep breaths, here's a layout that will put a smile back on my face!

Unfortunately though this is my last layout for my design team spot at My Little Bit Of Whimsy. Thanks again Steph for having me on your team.  Of course this won't be the last time I use the Whimsy's, they are too cute and I still have a little stash!!

This layout is using October Afternoon Sideswalks and it's just about the little bond forming between these 2 little guys!  Cooper starts prep next year so they will get to spend alot more time together:):)  Kobi loves music and dancing so he sings to his bubba every now and then!!!  It's too cute!

Some closies!
Little birdie Pin and Mushroom button:)

TGIF!!!!  Kobi and I are off to the Wiggles on Sunday!!  An early birthday pressie for him:)
Thanks so much for visiting, sorry for the whinge. I know things could be much much worse!!!
Hope you all have a beautiful weekend.
Hugs xo