Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fun, Fun!!

Lookie at what these 2 little munchkins where up to yesterday! Sorry about the photo overload but they were just to darn cute................ and MESSY!!!!!!!! They were making a card for their wonderful Poppy (my Dad) who had his birthday yesterday. What is it with kids and washers too, why do they insist on sucking on them...yuck! Check out Kobi's crazy hair too, I am holding off getting his hair cut for as long as possible! I do think it may be time around his birthday! We will see:)

More Sass "Monstrosity" of the boys! Super cute and I really like this one, I don't normally work with yellow but it looks good for something different!

I am not sure if I have mentioned it but you could probably see from some of my previous posts, but I am having some of my work published for the first time ever!!!!! Super duper excited and will be fun to see them in print:)

Getting more and more excited about Perth by the day!! Oh yeah, if anyone knows of any good scrapbook shops over there, let me know!

I really should get moving and finish Kobi's invites, I want them sent by the end of the week!


Friday, October 23, 2009

"Little Guy"......

Thanks heaps for all your hugs for Kobi, he is fine:) He's a boy, so probably just the first of many battle scars hehe!!! Anyways, here is my "Little Guy @ Play". Used JB flowers and couldn't resist making another catterpillar!

I recieved Kobi's dragon costume today. It is really cute, but too big for him!! I had a feeling it would of been he is such a tiny little fella. The body part is not too bad but the head piece is way to big and fits Cooper really well. Oh well, maybe I could get Mum to alter it a bit for his birthday. He is 11 months tomorrow and getting that wee bit closer to being 1 boo hoo!!! My baby is growing to quick!

Have a great weekend and love to you all.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Poor little Kobi.....

He has busted his chin, went head first down the one step we have going into our rumpus room. Tim took him up to the hospital and they glued him up! He was fine and stopped crying soon as we put a bandaid on it and gave him a cuddle but then we thought we had better get him to the hospital just to check it and glad we did, they said if it was any bigger they would of had to do stitches! So my poor little boy is in the wars again, I definately think he is going to be accident prone (a bit like me when I was younger, my chin was always busted too).

I made this Gracie layout the other week but only just took a piccie of it, I used loads more Prima and the butterflies are K & Co Chipbox. The pic didn't pick up the colours that well, the layout is much better IRL:)

Only a couple of weeks now until we go to Perth! I am off to Kmart this afternoon to pick up some presents for Kobi for his birthday, I should really get myself organised, he will be 1 before we know it. I have made his invites just got to get all the details finalised and then get them sent.

Have a wonderful day and happy scrapping:)


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My 1st Double, woohoo!!!!!

I have no idea why I haven't done a double before because this was so much FUN!!!!! I have been meaning to scrap some of the photos from Hamilton Island back in April (geez, time flies) and thought this way would be perfect to do multiple piccies! Warning: you may need your sunnies though (but, hey, that isn't unusual for my layout's is it?)

Last Sunday morning we went to the beach for brekky and a play with our friends and their littlies. It has been a little while since we all did something together, I catch up with the girls most weeks for playdates but all together doesn't happen that often. Hopefully now that this beautiful warm weather is here we will do things like this more often. So heres a pic of the boys and the kids. Very hard to get them all to look and smile, Cooper is the oldest at just over 2 and a half and Siiva is the youngest at 10 wks:) I can't wait to see this little tribe expand!

It's been so hot here today, we were in the pool again! I took Kobi in today, he isn't liking it very much, so I don't think he is a water baby like Cooper is. But with heat like this and we aren't even summer yet, I am sure he will learn to love it!

Off to scrap some more now. The boys are all in bed:)


Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's all about Cooper!

He is finally turning into a poser!!! Isn't he just adorable:) So photogenic! I took some photo's of his mates the other day for their mum and since then he has been like "take a photo of me" but after I take a few he says to me "Mummy, no more photos"! Btw, ta Shell for letting me know about http://www.picnik.com/ it is sooo easy to use and has some great features for photo editing.

Just a few little notes on Cooper who actually turned 2 1/2 last month:
He can be so sweet and just come up to me (or daddy or Kobi) but mainly me and gives a little kiss on my forehead or back of my head and then continues on his way.
He is still toilet training and too be honest I think it is going to take a little while yet, so good sometimes and runs into the toilet himself next minute he does a pee pee in his jox.
When I read him books I will say a few words and make him repeat after me. He does miss out some words but he is really trying. I don't know if this is good or normal for his age but I think he is a bit clever!!!!
He is great at whinging until he gets his own way.
Plays so well with his brother but sometimes gets too rough.
His sharing is progressing and is getting much better.
He isn't a very big eater but give him cake, fruit and biccies and will eat them all day.
His first 2 year old molar has cut and I think his second is on its way. I didn't even realise the first one was there, oops!
He is the best to take to the shops, doesn't leave my side when I am getting Kobi out of the car or in the shopping centre and also doesn't scream for toys and things, I just tell him "Mummy has no money" and he seems to understand that! He also won't let me put money in any of those kiddies rides they have in the middle of the shopping centre, which is great because it doesn't cost me a thing.
He doesn't let me forget about his seatbelt and will crack up if it's come undone, such a good boy!
His fave thing atm is Scooby Doo. I'm over it:)
That will do for Cooper now, I could go on and on......... I just love him to bits.

Just a couple of layouts I have done of Cooper in the last week or so. Hope you like:)

We are off to the beach in the morning (if the weather is okay, it has been raining tonight) with friends and then to my brothers for lunch bbq. Oh, yes, I just remembered, Kobi's 1st tooth has cut (10.5 months) and I can see his second one trying to come up too!

Mwah to all you lovelies who take the time to read about us! Have a wonderful day/night:)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gracie is 6 wks old!

How adorable is my little niece? I couldn't resist taking some piccies of her the other day in the bath with the soap suds around her! I think she is about to graduate out of the laundry sink into the big bath now, she is getting too big.

I scrapped some of these gorgeous family photos of us at the beach a couple of months back. I just love these 3 boys more than anything!! I used more RDG paper (loving that stuff) as well as a little bit of Prima (how unusal!!!) I am just adoring butterflies at the moment too! I think most of my layouts lately have one on there somewhere.

Cooper started back at swimming today after a couple of weeks off and we now have our own pool clean and running properly again. He has been it everyday since it has been cleaned! He loves it and I think that is going to be my greatest battle this summer...... getting him out of the pool. With getting in our pool daily as well as his lesson he should be getting quite clever at it by the end of summer (not to mention extremely tanned)!!!

I am off now to start a LO on Gracie! Bye for now. Thanks for stopping by:)