Thursday, January 28, 2010

A few layouts to share:)

"3 months"
I really tried to not go all out on pink on this one, only because I don't use it very much I tend to go a little crazy with it on Gracie's layouts! My little niece at 3 months, she is too sweet. I used another Ann Lederhose rainbow (think I may have to get myself some more of those), Prima flowers (of course). Just loads of cuteness to this, I am sooooo addicted to everything cute at the moment (if you haven't noticed). I just can't help but add little clouds, butterflies, hot air balloons, bugs and birdies:) Also some Such Sweet Tierney buttons in there too.
Here is a closeup. I added a little bit of white paint to the flower so it didn't look so orange. The alphas a Pressed Petals Chip Chatter........I have had them for a long fact I have had alot of things for a long time and need to use up before all the new stuff comes out. Yeah, who am I kidding that is never going to happen....maybe I need to have a giveaway sometime soon.......keep a look out:)
"Close" The colours in this one are so much better irl. There isn't many days that pass that we don't see my Mum (Nanny).....speaking of which has got a broken leg atm, the poor thing fell down the stairs. Anyway, I generally talk to her on the phone at least 1 a day aswell....she is a wonderful Mum. MOre Prima again and I altered the lollipop flowers and added some felt.

A couple of closeups.... how adorable is the Autumn Leaves lady bug. The butterflies were just rubons that I rubbed onto some transperancy sheets.

"He Loves......." This one is about all the little things Cooper adores atm. I used my first mlbow button and bee. I love this stuff so much, soo so cute......thanks Kat and Leeann for inspiring me to use them! Another cute hot air balloon and a couple of Sass feltie trucks to make it look a little boyish:)

Closeup - I just adore this little boy so much:)
Okay, wow are you proud of me for not having a "blue"!!! I have also just finished another layout and as I was making it I took photos of the steps so will share that next time if anyone is interested on how I create such!

Okies, better be off to think about some dinner, mwah, love to you all and thankyou so much for popping by and leaving me such lovely comments.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Does anyone else have this problem?

I have a pile of layouts making their home on my printer! What do you guys use for storing your layouts......I usually use big ring binder's maybe I could give something else a go!

Anyways, here is the next layout to make it to that pile.....
"Go Baby Go" - He really did stop to have a little dance as the neighbours were playing loud music:) I just love the little Ann Lederhose rainbow, too cute:) Kobi is 14 months today and is definately not crawling anywhere now.

This is probably going to be my next layout.......I said to Cooper the other weekend, "geez you look cute can Mummy take a photo of you" and he goes outside on the verandah and does this gorgeous little pose for me. I just love his messy hair, he has since had a much needed haircut:)

Awww, these 2 just melt my heart everyday (along with driving me crazy along the but I wouldn't have it any other way!!!) Don't get me wrong I think they probably stayed in this position for about 4 seconds and after that Cooper probably pushed his brother off the beanbag but I often get to see glimpses of them loving each other.......Kobi has now just learnt to give kisses so we are all lapping them up:)

Okay, I am off to (hopefully) finish my book tonight:)

Monday, January 18, 2010

More for Cooper!

"You're a real scream"
Cooper having a blast with the water pistols! I used Fancy Pants as the background paper as well as a journal sheet. How cute is the little scrapware train..... I just added the carriages myself. Also a couple of little Sass felt monsters in there too and a bit of doodling and splattered paint!

"To Imagine Is Everything"
This photo doesn't actually bring out the colours as much as it does IRL......Lots of little cutie bits in here... another handmade catterpillar with some Such Sweet Tierny buttons. Some Prima flowers, letters and rubons (the frogie). The background paper is MLS.

I am soooo totally excited about all the new products coming out very soon, I just wish that money grew on trees!!! Have you seen the new Sass ranges......oh my, these are so adorable......Apple Jack would have to be my fave, I can't wait to use this for my boys:):)
How was everyone's weekend? What did you get up too? We just spent some time with our families and the boys are having a ball in the pool:)
Okies, off now to wake the Cooperbot up, or he won't go to bed for me tonight! Hopefully get to scrap something tonight too:)

Monday, January 11, 2010

1 today...........

Well he's not really (that happened back in Nov) but I have scrapped a layout of Kobi turning 1. I had so much fun making this with all the cute little embellies..... I cut the clown out of one of my old Golden Books. There's a Jodie Butler button in there too aswell as some Sass and some had made balloons made out of felt:)

The next one is of my boys a little while back when Kobi was only 4 months old. I used up some more Crate Paper embellies and also some Love Elsie buttons (which are very old). Oh they are just the cutest...........

I hope everyone had a great weekend. We ended up going to the beach, it was a beautiful sunny day (finally some sun) but a little windy, Cooper had a great time but poor little Kobi got irritated by the sand and was itchy, itchy! So his screams kind of cut our day at the beach a little short. Oh well, the dogs really enjoyed the outing too:)

Okay, I think I am off to continue reading "Twilight". Bye for now xx

Friday, January 8, 2010

Some piccies to share!

Kobi was thrilled with all the "In the Night Garden" stuff he got for Christmas:)
Cooper and his Buzz Lightyear that his Uncle and Aunty bought him....... I think it was a bit of a favourite for the day along with his Scooby doo's!
The boys on Boxing day, so happy and playing with all of their news toys:)
Kobi enjoying the pool (finally)........ his lesson also went well, it was heaps of fun (for me aswell).
Little Miss Gracie and her first swim in the big pool.
Cooper having a ball on his new trampoline (he calls it his "Jumping Castle") that Grandma and Grandad got the boys for Christmas.
Having some lovely family time before Tim went back to work yesterday.
This gorgeous cheeky smile that I just can't get enough of:) I just adore those little teeth. Oh, yeah he is gaining weight finally, he's now 8.2kg........woo hoo, I guess that explains why he is sleeping for 11-12 hours at night! Growing boy!
Lastly my little man is walking, well half walking, still crawls everywhere but he can walk and he is starting to walk from the furniture now, so he is keen. Give him a week or 2 and I bet I don't see anymore crawling. He walks with his arms out in front of him too, it's so cute, he looks like a little zombie!!lol!!
That's about it for now, the weather is really miserable at the moment, raining alot. It sooooo nice to see the rain and everything so green but I am starting to get a little over it! I want to see the beach and the sun:):)
Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by xx

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Prima beautiful Prima............

Would have to be one of my favourites:) They have just released some sneaks of their new ranges and oh my, it's just stunning! I have already sourced my supplier for some new goodies come the end of January:):):) Can't wait.......... this pic didn't turn out too big so check it all out here

Anyway here are a couple of layouts using mostly Prima; I made this first one for my Mummy, she loves the grand kidlets soooo much:)

I made this one for my bestie in Perth whose wedding we had in April 09. I had been meaning to make her one before we visited in Nov but didn't happen..... oh well, now she has it:)

Better go get the big boy off to bed. He is such a good boy now and puts himself to sleep...... it stills breaks my heart some nights when his lip drops when I leave the room but he's a big boy now and can do it himself, he's doing so well:) the toilet training is still another story lol!!!

Tomorrow is Kobi's first swimming lesson and I have to get in with him so should be fun:)

Oh yeah, do you like my new blog, thought it needed a little change, being a new year and all!!


Saturday, January 2, 2010

In 2010 I hope to............and my fave lo's from 09

Here are a few things I hope for in 2010:
*We hope to have our 3rd and probably our last baby
*I hope we can do a little money saving this year (and Tim get's some good!!)
*I am going to exercise and hopefully get fit
*I hope to get more layouts published SC and hopefully SM will pick up 1 soon:):)
*I hope the boys are happy and healthy throughout the year
That's about it!!

So here are my fave layout's from 2009. This was so hard to pick just 10...............I really do love most of my layouts and I really do make them all with LOVE:):):) It probably is a little different from my original top 10 but SC have picked up some of them for publishing so you will have to keep an eye out for my work in future issues!! So in no particular order here they are:

Okies off now to finishing some housework while the Tim and Cooper are at Bunnings, their fave shop:) Have a gazillion photos to share from Chrissy and New Year but will do another day, oh yeah, New Year's party was an absolute hoot, we haven't laughed like that in soooo long!