Friday, August 28, 2009

Meet my little niece Gracie!!!

Gracie Elizabeth came into the world Monday with a pretty trouble free birth for her Mummy (if only some of us were that lucky!!!) But I must admit Meagan had a terrible pregnancy so I guess the troublefree birth kind of made up for it! She was born 6lb4oz and 52cm long! Meage and Marc are now home with her, she has had a little trouble feeding, but hopefully things will get better for her very soon as more milk comes in. She is totally adorable and pretty and she has her parents wrapped around her finger already (especially her daddy)! So exciting being an Aunty and I can't wait to get to know this little princess more.

The night Gracie was born we went up and seen her briefly in the labour ward so didn't get to cuddle her but that night Cooper woke up at 11:30pm to ask me if he could cuddle Gracie. It was so cute but I had to tell him not at the moment when we see her tomorrow.

Better go now, got to get ready to go over to a friend's place for a BBQ!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Waiting, waiting................

Haven't heard any news yet, but I am sure Meage is just trying to rest at the moment. She went in at 7pm tonight and they were going to start with the gel.......... so hopefully tomorrow sometime bubs will be here! Anyways, got some new layouts and a pic of my hair, YES, I got it all chopped off but forgot to post a pic last post! OOps! Mind the crappy pic but this is just the normal for me, no makeup and brushed hair, no time for blowdrying and straightening!!! LOL!!!!!

I have decided to start taking some photos of my layouts close up to actually get the look of all the layering I do! I just love these 2 of Kobi, my little sunshine! I love him and his gorgeous little ways to bits!!

I am off now to start another page, Tim is at the pub, his local footy team won footy today! I went with him and had 3 alcoholic drinks and that was enough for me I felt tipsy on just that (Mel, you can stop laughing now!!!) It's just been a while and don't drink like I used to and even then that wasn't much! Oh, well I think Tim does enough for us both!! LOL!! Hopefully be back in the next couple of days, YAY bubba is so close now! I just can't wait to see if she has red hair!! I don't think it will be but everyone else thinks so!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I've scrapped up a storm....

Last week I got 4 layouts done!!! Woo hoo!!! And spent way too much on more goodies!! Tim assures me it is fine!! I told him its cheaper than therapy!!! LOL!!! My printer had a bit of a spak attack too but alls good now, thank god, I would be lost without it! Hope you like my layouts and I can't wait to recieve all of my new goodies!! I also bought a heap of new material today, so bright and so me!!!! Yum, yum hey!!!???Well, poor little Meage (my SIL) has been in hospital overnight with high blood pressure. They were going to keep her in and induce her Thursday but now they have sent her home and she will be back for an appt. on Friday and induction should be happening Sunday night. She is taking tablets to try and get her blood pressure down but it is still quite high. Bubs is fine though and she will be arriving a little earlier than expected (she wasn't due until next Friday)! I can't wait to meet her! I am going to be an AUNTY!!!!! YAY!!!!

We have now got the front area cleaned up and the retainer wall filled. Thank god for that, it was such an eyesore for so long. Anyway it is done now and we have just got to try and get the grass to grow back and to also plant some plants. Cooper had an absolute ball in all the dirt and pushing his trucks around in it. He's a typical boy! Here are a couple of pics of the boys from the past week. Now I assure in the first one Cooper really isn't hurting his brother but they are just having a little playful wrestle. Poor little Kobi doesn't know any different and he is starting to get in on the act too and climbing over his big brother!! I just had to get a photo of these 2 little monsters!!! I can't wait until Christmas time when Kobi will be walking then they will really act up!! Kobi crawls after Cooper all the time now and Cooper says to Kobi "Come get me Kobi"!! So cute seeing them play together!

I better be off now, this post has taken me awhile to post, I have just got Cooper off to bed, he wasn't happy that he missed out on Generation!! He loves that show but he isn't sleeping during the day now most days so by 7:30 pm he is just so overtired and ready for bed! Have a lovely week everyone, if I don't post before, the next one will involve a precious little bubby!! Hugs to Kate too, I can't wait to hear her news!! Thanks so much for leaving me lovely comments! xx

Monday, August 10, 2009

Itching to create!

I am itching to get some scrapping done, (I got some new products too) haven't done much this past week only when Tim was away. I try to get a few done a week but sometimes my layouts take a few hours to create. I hate having them sit on my desk unfinished too, so I sit until they are complete. Hopefully I will get some more done in the next few days, I just have sooooo many photos that need to be scrapped! I did these 2 when hubby was away for work last week. Loads of journalling on the one of Tim and I. I wish I could get into doing more journalling but it's always an afterthought for me once all my layering is done!!! OOps!! The second is of my babes crawling, he is definately off now and has little bruises all over his head where is keeps getting his hands stuck under his body!!

Our good friends welcomed a 2nd little baby girl last week, Siiva! She is totally adorable and I can't wait to give her more cuddles again. It is so amazing how quick they grow, Kobi was smaller than her 8.5 months ago, which is so hard to believe and so easily forgotten! Only 2.5 weeks now until my little niece is meant to arrive, I think Meage might go into Sept but we will see, she is getting quite big now. With all these little baby girls around, it's making me ultra clucky!!! Hehe! I really need one because my Prima flower stash (and I have just ordered more of the new CHA......yes I'm addicted) is way out of control and I need to use them up.........LOL!!!! I will get to start a little girl album, though, soon enough with the arrival of my niece!! YAY!! Can't wait!

Have a fun week, tomorrow we have swimming and we are all getting a haircut (except Kobi), I am getting all mine chopped off, so will take a pic of my new do!

Mwah, bye for now!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Party pics!!

We had a great time at Paityn's party on the weekend, the kids had loads of fun and Paityn was totally spoilt (as you are on your 1st birthday)!! Check out her dress, it's so gorgeous, it had little cupcakes all over it and little bows, so sweet and looked so adorable on her. Cooper was stoked about getting his lollipop in pass the parcel and Kobi quite enjoyed the cake too! The jumping castle was a big hit too (even for the adults...hehe!!)

Tim has gone to Mackay for the next couple of nights for work. So hopefully the boys are good to me and I can get some scrapping done tonight when they go to bed! On Wednesday I am off to Rocky with Mum and Dad just for a bit of shopping, it is our show holiday but Cooper went out to the Mt Larcom show only a month or so ago to see all the animals. It costs a fortune, apparently the show bags are about $25, will take him when he is bigger and old enough to really appreciate it!

Kobi is definately crawling now and getting faster and further every day. Walked into his room before and here he was standing in his cot! It's hard to believe that in a few more months he will probably be walking!!

Here is the birthday card that I made for Paityn with all the bits that Krissy sent me and a couple more layouts of the boys!

Do you like my little catterpiller and snail I made with felt and fabric! I thought they weren't too bad for a first attempt! I am just loving felt at the moment. Off now to watch my daily Deal or No Deal with Cooper and get some dinner organised for us both. Thanks heaps to all you lovelies that leave me comments, they just make me smile!