Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Poor little sick household!

This past week has been horrible for us with sickness. All of us on the mend now but it started out last week with Tim making a trip to the hospital (on a drip) with a terrible bug. He was in so much pain, thought it may of been his Apendix but wasn't thankfully. That got him sorted out but come Saturday night and Cooper had this terrible weez, ended up taking him to the doctor on Sunday morn and was told he had asthma and was given a ventolin and an antibiotic for a chest infection which started the asthma. Tim is an asthmatic too so I guess he may be prone to it. Hopefully he only gets mild cases of it like Tim or he grows out of it altogether. In the meantime of Tim getting Cooper to the doctor I was vomiting myself. I had the same bug as Tim had but without so much pain (maybe my pain threshold is alot higher than his - having 2 kids and all - LOL!!!) I ended up in hospital on the drip by about 5pm Sunday afternoon. I recovered pretty quickly, in case I had too, a mother can't be down for too long!! I felt soooo terrible for poor little Coops, he was sick and all could do was lay in bed on Sunday and mummy couldn't give him cuddles. He was fine though, the little trooper! Kobi has also been miserable, I think he got a touch of the runs though, and he has been off his food. He won't have his solids so just trying to get bottles into him and he would also get upset if you left his side. Through all this he has still been sleeping through so that's a bonus. This afternoon is the happiest I have seen him in a few days. So hopefully we will be past it all soon!

On a happier note here are a few layouts I got done before we all got sick. The first one again, using more of Leeann's chippies, I think I am done now with the ones she sent me - Ta Leeann!
The second one is Kobi's 1st taste of icecream, he was about 4.5 months. I used a little bit of Sweetshoppe on this, I just luvvv that range, gorgeous but a bit girly, oh well!! The last one is a challange I did over at Embellished. It was to have a shaped LO and to have buttons, scallops, felt, mixed alphas and an oversized photo!

Lastly here is a piccie of the boys taken last week, Cooper the little bugger, has a thing about laying on Kobi, this time he did it gently and I ran and got the camera, turned out perfect (after some editing LOL!!!!) Best photo I have of the boys together in a looong time! They are in their jammies but it's still adorable.

So after the week we had we didn't get to Tranformers on the weekend!! DOH! Oh well I am sure we will get to it soon! Thanks heaps for stopping by I am off to finish a layout I started this afternoon!


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Scrappy layouts!

I only just got this Prima Rebellious range, I had been waiting on it to come to do Cooper's pirate piccies. I just love it and it fitted perfectly. If you look closely you will see on the left Captain's boat!! LOL! I also used more chippies from Leeann, but this time I chopped up her flame border so it looked like waves.
Awww, our little Kobi Monster! Just one of the many nicknames we gave him before he was born. Cooper has always been Cooperbot, like the Transformers - Autobot - yes, his father is a Transformers fan, actually I loved the movie too, we are off on a date to see the next Tranformers movie next week - anyway I think then I just come up with Kobi Monster. He's definately NOT a little monster at the moment but I am sure one day the name will fit perfectly! He is a boy after all!
And lastly a pretty (yay, love doing pretty) layout of me and my boys. They are just too cute and I love them so much including the big boy too! Sometimes I do feel like I have 3 children!! LOL!!

I am off to bed before I have to be up again. The bubbas aren't sleeping to well at the moment! Well last night anyway, hopefully tonight will be much better!

Thanks heaps for looking!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy, happy morning!!

Yay, we had a great sleep last night with neither of the boys waking!!!!!! Just love it when that happens, which isn't all that often but that's just what kids do, I guess! Cooper even lets Mummy sleep in now while he watches Hi-5 (the new fave at the moment) But it is my fault I shouldn't stay up so late scrapping. Cooper is getting so independent, it's scary how quickly he is growing up! And Kobi at the moment is getting frustrated, I think he wants to crawl but hasn't worked out how to do it yet. Won't be long although I am happy for him to stay put for now!

The retainer wall out the front is up, it's looks great but will look so much better when completed. The cementing will get done this week and then on the weekend we should hopefully get it all cleaned up and filled behind the wall. It's been an expensive wall but worth it. Long time coming!
I have finally scrapped Cooper's 2nd birthday, so happy about that. I have never scrapped so many photos on a page but there were so many nice piccies from his birthday I couldn't leave any out!

Just a couple of wintery photos of the boys. I think it was last Friday that was sooo cold all day, generally it's gets a little nice during the day out in the sun but this day was freezing.

Have a great afternoon, off to play playdoh now!


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Busy weekend, for hubby anyway!!!!!!!!

Hubby has finally started doing our front retainer wall. Wow, I don't think we realised how much of a big job it was, he has been digging and moving concrete for 2 days now. Poor thing, he is so sore. I did a bit of shovelling today but I just don't have any muscles to help with much. He has had some help from a few guys so that was nice! Just can't wait to see it completed but may take a bit longer than expected.

On the scrappy front, I have a some layouts to share. I am totally in love the Leeann Pearce's chippie embellies. She was kind enough to send me some but have since done an order myself I love them that much! The first one is me and my girly-friends at Jod's wedding. I loved doing all the pretties on this one. The second is my super cute boy, Kobi and loads of doodling! The last LO is the one I did for Lizee's Sketchbook for June of me and my 2 little princes.

We have had a pretty quiet week but went to the park on Thursday, Cooper just loves the park! Here are a couple of piccies from the park. I cut Cooper's hair today (can't you tell by that photo, he had a good mullet going on), it's a shocker, I am waiting for him to go to sleep tonight so I can get around his ears. He just hates a haircut but it's better me doing it than anyone else. The first cut I gave him was really good, I think I am getting worse the more I do!!! LOL!!!

Woohoo, Queensland also won the first game of Origin. Hopefully they win the series too! Gotta go cut up salad for dinner! Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Go Queenslander!!!!

Hopefully they win the first game of Origin tonight! We get to watch it on our new 42" LCD tv! Woohoo. We are rearranging a few things at home at the moment, we are now turning the rumpus room into our main lounge room and have moved all of the boys toys out into the smaller lounge room. Just going to add bits and pieces to the lounge room and will get a new lounge too. This stuff is so fun to do, but I only wish that money grew on trees. LOL!! I also had a little clean up in my scrapbook room! Apart from the top of the desk it is sooooo clean! The top of the desk will soon be attached too.
I made this for Mel for her birthday today>>>>"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" xxxx

Just a couple of piccies from the weekend. I just love this photo of Tim and Kobi! And check out Kobi's little Nike shoes, Daddy brought them back from the states for him. So cute!

I better be off now, I am getting pulled on my arm to go paint with Cooper.