Saturday, March 28, 2009

1 more sleep!!

Tomorrow morn we pick DH up from the airport, can't wait! Hopefully he isn't too jetlagged and we can have a nice day before he is back off to work on Monday!

Took some photos of Kobi yesterday, this is my absolute fave and sooooo proud of myself with the photo editing. I am not so great at it but this turned out gorgeous!!

Just a piccie of Cooper trying to fit into the back of his trailer! He cracks me up! I am about to scrap this one.

And Cooper's 2 fave words when he wants something more that he really likes! He is just starting to get the "please" infront now when he is reminded!!

Off to make a card now for my SIL birthday tomorrow.

Bye bye.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Only 3 more days to go....

Until I see my Timmy again!! It has actually gone really quick, but still miss him all the same! Cooper keeps saying to me "Daddy, plane, home". I really think he is missing him alot. He was talking to him on MSN last night and telling his Daddy he loved him! Soooo sweet!

Thought I would upload some photos from the weekend at the beach. It was a beautiful day, we didn't swim but we had fun in the sand and running around being silly! Kobi was playing with the sand in his hand for the first time.

I also made this Treasure Chest for my bestie for her upcoming wedding at Hamilton Island in April. Sooooo can't wait to get there, it is less than 3 weeks now until we get to the island. We are having 5 nights there. We went there on our honeymoon 6 years ago and so excited to go back with the boys!

And here's a little LO of Kobi because he IS a sweetie heart. Poor little fella just had his 4 month needles this morning.

Enjoy the rest of your day!


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another rainy afternoon!

It's raining again, we seem to of had so much rain in the past few weeks! I am loving it for my plants and grass but it is very hard to keep Cooper entertained inside all day. Yesterday afternoon he had his little mate, Baylee, over to play, they had a ball out the back (in the rain) on his slide and bikes! Here they are with the water pistols that they were squirting in each other's faces! The only reason they looked at me was because I told them I had a frog on my head (hence the look on Baylee's face)!!! LOL. It seems to be a saying I am using alot lately to get Cooper to look at the Camera, but he always says "no" when I ask the question!! So funny!

Tim is still away and I am doing okay, thankgod for the webcam!!! Bought these little shoes for Kobi the other day for like $3. Bargain!! And a layout of my "Summer Bubba".

I had better go and wake Cooper up now, he fought me to go to sleep at lunch time, but had finally crashed after 2pm, if I don't wake him, it will be midnight before he goes to sleep.

Have a lovely rest of the weekend.


Monday, March 16, 2009

A little lonely........

Tim is away in America now for 2 full weeks, I am missing him a great deal especially at the boys bed time. It's hard when they both want to be cuddled. We are managing but can't wait for him to be home (2 weeks is really a looooong time). I am sure the time will fly, my days just seem to pass me by so quick.

Kobi received this little robe as a Christmas gift from a good friend, oh, you melt my heart little boy!!!

I made Mum this card for her birthday last week.

And here's my lil' boy painting up a storm!! He just loves it, painting, colouring, drawing on his chalk board, you name it. I incorporated the actual painting he did this day on the layout under his hand print.

Off to bed now I think. Oh yeah, is anyone else totally bummed that Danny left "So you think you can dance" tonight????? It is soooo hard to pick, they are all fantastic, I just wish I could shake my booty like them! LOL!!!
Good night.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yay for me!!!

Woo hoo!! I am very happy to have been asked by Liz to join her team at "A Page From My Sketchbook." Check it out The girls there are so inspiring and Lizee's sketches are just great fun!!! Here is my March layout.

Some more shares, I have been trying to scrap up a storm at the moment, still haven't finished doing the Christmas piccies yet!!

I took this of Cooper the other day . He was so excited to go for a swim and said to me "Mummy, Mummy, swim, ready, setty, go, swim!! It was the cutest and I can't wait to scrap it!

Here's Kobi just because he is totally adorable. See his little nappy, they are the cutest little things. I got it from our local baby shop so not cheap (hence why we only have 1 at the moment) but they come in all the brightest and cutest colours. Find them at

Off to play some playdoh now with Cooper. Have a great afternoon!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Stay away Hamish!!!!!

Here's hoping cyclone Hamish continues to fizzle out and head further out to sea. He had everone worried for a bit there, yesterday we couldn't even get any tape or torches at Bunnings and Mum even tried to get bread last night and it had all gone. Fingers crossed he just fizzers and doesn't turn.

Well, my baby boy turned 2 on Saturday. He's seems like he has been here forever not just 2 years. We had a little party for him and a gorgeous Thomas cake, but he decided to cry when he saw the candles and then cried even more when everyone started singing happy birthday to him!! Oh well, it's his party and he'll cry if he wants too! Other than that he had a ball playing with all his little friends and opening his pressies. Here are some piccies of my birthday boy!

On the scrappy front here are a couple of layouts I have done in the last week or so. This one is of my beautiful family, I love them so so much!

This one is of my little star Kobi. I was so cranky with this one, I accidently sprayed Glimmermist on the photo so I reprinted it and cut around his face and mounted it over the top of the other photo. Oh well, it still came up all right!

Tim is heading to America early Friday morning, so dreading that a little bit! 2 weeks is such a long time for him to be away, I am not really looking forward to it. He does 1 or 2 night trips here and there and that is long enough away! Might have a few sleepovers at Nanny's (yes, I am a sook).

Have a lovely week!