Saturday, March 28, 2009

1 more sleep!!

Tomorrow morn we pick DH up from the airport, can't wait! Hopefully he isn't too jetlagged and we can have a nice day before he is back off to work on Monday!

Took some photos of Kobi yesterday, this is my absolute fave and sooooo proud of myself with the photo editing. I am not so great at it but this turned out gorgeous!!

Just a piccie of Cooper trying to fit into the back of his trailer! He cracks me up! I am about to scrap this one.

And Cooper's 2 fave words when he wants something more that he really likes! He is just starting to get the "please" infront now when he is reminded!!

Off to make a card now for my SIL birthday tomorrow.

Bye bye.



Her Essential Hand said...

you have seriously gorgeous sons... Hope hubby arrived home safely!!
Love that recent LO, thanks for the inspiration!! :)

Kate said...

lol i cant edit photos to save myself stace! you have done well. lol @ cooper :) hope hubby arrived home nice and safe :)