Monday, May 31, 2010

It's all about the Super Hero's.....

In my household at the moment:) Cooper is just loving all these guys at the moment...I just love listening to him pretend he's a Super Hero when he finds his super hero cape. He's also nuts about figurines, he will play with them for hours and he is starting to get a collection of Transformers too....he's a typical BOY!! SPeaking of SUper Hero's Tim and I went and watched Ironman 2 at the movies on the weekend, it was pretty good, but it was just nice to go to the movies as we don't get to do it too often:) Any way back to the scrapping....I just love this one of Coop, it came together really well, bits of mesh, comic material, brick screenprint and splashes of colour and misting! Oh and a few MLBOW buttons too, just matched perfectly:) Just a couple of closeups too....I doodled some spider webs too:)

Now onto this little guy, he had his 18 month check up and needles last week.....woot, woot he has now hit the 9kg mark:):):) Yay, so happy, he is growing but he is just going on his own trail on the growth chart, he doesn't even reach a percentile but alls good, I know he eats and thats the main thing:) He must just have hollow!!! He talks like there is no tomorrow and is constantly saying "Mum, Mummy, Mum, Mum, Daddy, Dad, Dad, Daddy, Daddy"'s so cute even if it does get annoying. He has so many words, it is really quite unbelievable what he comes out with some days....repeats everything and is very knowing (a little too much!!! He is very cheeky and tries to hide when he has something he shouldn't.

Okay, I will leave you with that update on the boys:)

Love to you all and have a fantastic week....I have some more scrappy shares so hopefully get back here soon:) xx

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sweet boys and scraps.....

I took some pics of the boys at the park last week and have been having a little play around with photo editing again......Kobi pulled a wooden dining room chair down on himself the same morning, if you look close enough you will find the instant bruise that appeared on the bridge of his nose, you will also find Milky Way on their faces (the bribery for having some photos for Mum)....hehe, I was happy with what I got:):) Awwww, this was one of the many kisses they were giving each other:)
Spikey haired, cool dude:)

Now onto a few scrappy layouts....I am really enjoying creating all the palettes in The Color Room atm, I am feeling rather challenged with them and it's nice to get out of your comfort zone every now and then."
Palette #6
"Sweet Thing"

Palette #7
"My Sunshine"

Lastly, a layout using more beautiful Webster's Pages (I have finally used the balloon paper - I have had it for a while now and never could work out how to use it) and of course some Prima flowers......Cooper eating his cake on his 3rd birthday, one of his favourite things would have to be cake...any type of cake:):) Also used some Maya Road cupcakes and a MLBOW cupcake..cute!!
I just realised there are alot of cupcakes in this post...I have some in the cupboard to make, might do that tomorrow with Coop!
Have a wonderful evening xo

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Boy Lollipop...

Lots of cuties on this one, MLBOW cupcake button, strawberry pin and ladybug....Leeann's little cloud button, you can find all her gorgeous stuff here, I think I need to go shopping again:) I also used up alot of Sass felties too, which are so adorable, I can't get enough of...I wonder when they are going to bring out some new ones!
I would have never ever given Cooper a lollipop at 17 months but it is funny how 2nd time around things change and they seem to grow up quicker as they are following and wanting to do everything their older siblings are doing....hence the lollipop was actually Cooper's and Kobi claimed it:):)
And some closeups: I love texture and couldn't live without my foam tape, I am also loving the effect that the bandage wrap gives.....all I do is cut and rip strips off the roll, glue down and then paint, mist and sometimes even add a little kindyglitz...anything goes, it doesn't have to be neat. So, if you have a firstaid kit around the place I suggest you steal a tiny bit and give it a go and get messy, it's so fun:)
Okay, thanks for visiting and leaving me loads of love, I love reading all my little comments....I am off now to start reading Eclipse before the movie comes out in July, wish me luck to get it finished by then:)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

SC #77.......

I'm a little behind (the next issue is already out) but thought I would share these 2 layouts which were recently published that I haven't shared here before:)
"Count the Waves"


This would have to be one of my favourites of Kobi's....I just adore these photos of him at about 9 months and there is so many cute little bits going on just came together really well for me:)

Lastly I'll share with you my newest page for The Color Room. I wasn't going to do this palette once again, but I took these photos of Gracie on Mother's Day and I thought they would match perfectly with the colours. Rummaged through my flower stash and made up some paint myself to match the mossy green colour and there you have it:)

"Pure Delight"

I received a little box of goodies today in the mail, a late Mother's Day pressie to!!! So think I may go have a little play, Tim's gone to the gym and the boys are snuggled up in bed:) Thanks for popping by, hugs to you all:)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day....2010

I woke up this morning to a lovely pot of flowers, some Elmo slippers, undies and 2 beautiful paintings my boys made me......ah, arn't I so very special.....I really do think I am the luckiest Mummy in the world and totally blessed to have these 2 precious children:):)

Anyway, I made this a few days ago and thought it would be appropriate to share today.

"True Love"- Using Websters, Prima, Making Memories and My Minds Eye mixture there. A cute little Scrapware bird cage and some of Leeann Pearce's chippie buttons. I also used some glimmermist...I am really loving the effect it is giving to my layouts lately, I am not very good at masking so I just do random sprays and hope for the!!!!

Mum's card that I made her. Mum really loves my cards I always make her....I am glad she likes them:):) I have had this Prima flower for a very long time now so I was happy to use it up!

Took this piccie of Mum and her grandbabies when we were around there this morning for a yummy breakkie (thanks Dad)....She loves these 3 to bits and they just adore her too:)
I hope you all are having a wonderful day with your families.......xx

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our afternoon and some layouts:)

The boys played out the back this afternoon and I decided to grab the camera, it has been a little while since I have taken pics of them out in the yard, they just don't stay still long enough for me to get any decent photos. They have been driving me up the wall lately and I have been getting a little cranky....... They are fighting alot more lately and I am constantly at Cooper to not take things off his brother or to stop pushing him over....but it is like speaking to a brick wall sometimes...aarrrghh!!!! I think Kobi's whinging and tantrums have been turned up a notch too....anyways, it's just so darn lucky that they are so I love them to bits:):)
Yes, butter really wouldn't melt in his!!!
This little guy is just so cheeky, he is now over 17 months and is picking up more and more words each day....he is still a tiny little guy but he certainly lets you know what he wants:)

Cooper said to me this afternoon, "Mummy, I'm digging for treasure" was so cute!

So they dug around for a bit, flipping sand everywhere, it even ended up down my top....

and then the next minute he says "Mummy, look, I've found gold"......just gotta love their little imaginations!

Now onto some creations. Mum and Dad just got back from Fiji in which they went to my cousins wedding over there, I made this card for Mum to give to them from is a little non-traditional in the way of a wedding card but I thought it fitted perfectly as they were getting married on the beach in Fiji!!! I have used Webster's, Leeann's Chippie Beach Hut and of course Prima:)

Next one is a layout using the new Prima Umbrella collection with a touch of Sass...the boys had such fun in all the rain we had back in February and this paper was just the cutest for it:)


Another Prima filled page (I really heart Prima!!!!)...... "Never Ending"

And lastly my latest layout for The Color Room Palette #4......I thought I might of struggled with this one, the colours not quite me but once I brightened them up a bit all was good. I really enjoyed doing a real "BOY"page for a has been a while since I have done one and not used a single flower on a layout!! I am so loving dots on everything atm, if you couldn't tell:):)

"Little Dude"
So, I also just wanted to say thankyou to everyone who visits my blog and for all of your sweet, sweet comments, it really means alot to me that you are enjoying what I am thankyou and visit again soon:)

Hugs to you all xx