Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bring on the new year and some shares.........

We are having a widdle party here tonight, Mum and Dad are taking the boys for the night and I will be having some drinkies with our besties. Mel is making a yummy Mango daiquiri so it might be an interesting!!!

Here are my last couple of layouts for 2009....
"Come chase me" - I had a little go at the flags, not the greatest but still bright and colourful!


Hope your New Year celebrations are fantastic and bring on 2010!!!!


Saturday, December 26, 2009

With a little help from Mummy........

HOpe your day was as fantastic as ours xx

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My birthday Pics.......

Cooper smelling my gorgeous flowers hubs came home with:) Gerbera' fave........bright pink and orange........yum!!
"Hip Hip Hooray"
Cooper's fave........he just luvs cake, I am surprised he wasn't sick he ate that much:)

This was the mess I had earlier in the day to clean up. They (well should I say Kobi) found a box of chipboard letters and decide to pull them all out:) Cheeky monkeys! Oh well, they had fun:)

Seeing as it is only 3 more sleeps until Santa arrives here is a Christmas layout about Cooper........ he wants 2 Scooby Doos from Santa:)

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes and also for all the tips on Cooper's toilet training, we will get there one day:)

Love to you all xx

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Poppy's Buggy

My Dad retired last week (he's a teacher) and Tim and I bought him a Golf Buggy! Tim has been working so hard to do it up for him as it was a "doer-upper" lol!!! We gave it to him and he was just speechless. He is so rapt with it. He has done sooo much for us over the years it is just a small thankyou and you can see my boys are going to have a ball with their Poppy in it as they get older!


Tim's mate did the paint job, it is amazing! All sparkly in the sun! If you need an awesome painter in Gladstone, let me know, we know the!!!

Have a fun Sunday, tomorrow is my birthday, getting closer to 30......... I will be 28:)


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Can anyone give me tips..........

On toilet training???? Cooper was doing so well and now he has just gone backwards. He just doesn't seem to care and just pee's in his jox wherever he is, I have to almost bribe him everytime to go to the toilet or the potty, I will ask him if he needs to go, he says no and 2 seconds later he does it in his jox. I also cannot get him to sit on the pot either for his number 2's! Why does this phase take so long to complete, I have been trying to train him since his birthday. HELP!!!! It seems like he will never use the toilet....people say it will just click, but when!!!!
Anyways on to Kobi, he can take a couple of steps now. Tim and I sit on the floor with him and get him to walk between us. He is sooo wonky but hey, it's a start:) He just seems way to little to be walking anyway.
Thanks for all your lovely messages, I am doing fine, perhaps just a 24 hr thingy, who knows!
So here's Mummy and her little guy. I am absolutely loving clouds, hot air balloons (thanks Leeann), kites and all things outdoorsy atm on my layouts. They are just so much fun and cute to make:)

I have just been downstairs to sort out the kids Chrissy presents and the stuff that "Santa" is going to put in their stockings! Cooper is a bit excited about it all and we've told him what we are leaving out for him, oh it's going to be so much fun seeing his face when the cookies and milk are half eaten!!! I didn't realise I had so much stuff for them. Although once you take it out of the packaging it doesn't look like much at all. Alls good, as long as we have each other and our health that's all I am asking for this Christmas:)

Must be off, boys are up, have a wonderful day:)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Feeling blah!!

Just feeling a little bit under the weather at the moment. Yesterday I was really sick but today I am a little better, just feeling tired and weak. Just really couldn't be bothered to do much atm, I hate that feeling!

Anyways here is a little layout about Gracie, this was taken of her at 3 weeks, she is now nearly 3.5 months and turning into a cute:) Don't you just love the little castle.... it is a maya road rubon.

Anyways just a quickie post today, I am off to chill out with Coops while Kobi is sleeping:)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

My favourite time of year...........

I just love Christmas sooooo much (but who doesn't)!!! I made this layout using Leeann's sketch and also her doodles!! Check out her blog Can anyone help me out on how to correctly post links, I have no clue!!lol!! I loved making this so much......... Cooper in his little elf costume but he keeps telling me he is reindeer not an elf:)

Coops is a little sick at the moment with asthma and a runny nose. Hopefully he has a much better night tonight than last night. We went away for the one night to Burrum Heads and we had a terrible nights sleep with the poor little man up coughing.
I am hoping to get some scrapping done this week (if Cooper gets better too) so will post with more layouts soon:)

Monday, November 30, 2009

My little birthday Dragon!

Is this not the cutest little dragon ever?? Unfortunately it was way too hot for him to wear all day and it was a little too big and annoying for him too, but I did get some gorgeous piccie's of my big 1 year old boy:)

Kobi's Dino/Dragon party was a hoot and all the kiddies had so much fun (as well as the adults). Loads of sugar was eaten and the cake was a too cute green dinosaur!
Just a layout of my 2 boys playing together on their beep beep car! I am really loving using red at the moment (surprise, surprise)...... just getting used to it in time for some Christmas layouts. I took the cutest little pics of the boys the other day all dressed up in some Chrissy outfits, will share another day. Just getting in a little early and hopefully this week we can get the Chrissy tree up without someone (or someone's) trying to pull it back!!!
Have a great week and thanks for the lovely comments.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday to our sweet baby boy............

Kobi Jack has changed so much in his first year! He is such a beautiful little boy and I'm so proud to be his Mummy. He had is very first haircut yesterday and now looks like such a big boy:) I just love this little man to bits.

Must be off now to have some dinner and then some icecream cake........yum!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

A little bit of sunshine and my little "Poser".....

Just a few layouts to share: "My Sunshine", I used Jodie Butler's flower and the cute little duckie button and also made some other handmade embellies:)

"Poser" - It reads, Mummy has finally turned her little guy into a poser, for today anyway:) Just a fun layout with a touch of Fancy Pants. I just adore these pics of Cooper.

"Silly" - I used more JB doillies and loads of paint and colour:)

Thanks for popping by, hope you like them:)


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm back.......................

Wowsers, it is lovely to be home but I am missing Perth and my bestie so much already. We had such an awesome time. Perth is just beautiful, I really loved it!! The 1st night we were there, Jod's surprised me with tix to see Britney!!!!!!!!!! I have never been to a huge concert before of someone so famous and it was great! I feel sorry for Britney and all the bad media about her at the moment..... I thought it was fabbo anyway! We did all the touristy things and saw loads of lovely places. The beaches are stunning and the Margaret River region with all the winerys is gorgeous too. I loved Mandurah and Busselton! Took the kids to the zoo and had loads of fun there as well as going to a farmstay for a couple of nights. Did a little shopping and watched a beautiful sunset! I even managed to visit 4 scrapbook stores!!! Overall it was such a wonderful holiday and a great break from our everyday life. The boys were fairly well behaved but Cooper started to get a little restless and whingy in the last few days. They flew really well but I can tell you I don't think we will be flying anywhere again soon. I am not a huge fan of it and 5 hours was enough for me in the plane. Just sooo uncompfortable, I don't know how I would ever go travelling overseas one day.
Here are some of my fave piccies from our trip. God knows when I will scrap any but will definately print some out to put on my walls, due for new ones!!

So this is what we have been up too!! I will have to go and do some blog hopping now to see what everyone has been up to and what I have missed out on:)

My baby is 1 next week, I can't believe it! The little man isn't walking yet but could possibly be soon, who really knows! He has been booked in for his swimming lessons and starts in the new year. I hope he starts to like the pool soon because at the moment he hates it!

I have just printed some photos and I am itching to scrap after having a couple of weeks off. I just hope my mojo hasn't been left in Perth lol!!! So hopefully have some scrappy stuff to share soon:)

Mwah, take care:)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

2 more sleeps..........

Until we head to Perth!! So's going to be so much fun:) I just hope that the boys fly well. We don't fly out from Brissy until 8ish on so hopefully they will just sleep most of the time.

Just a few layouts to share:

"Mummy's Little Monsters"

"With You"

I used Jessica Simpson's lyrics in this last one of me and my love!! It's a bit cute!

MnM had a Naming Ceremony for Gracie on the weekend. Isn't she sweet. She slept most of the time so I didn't manage too many pics of her but this one is just adorable or her laying in her pram. I am one of her Godmothers too xx

I really must be off now to get more packing done. Will be back in a couple of weeks (unless I can sneak on before)!!

Mwah xo