Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cooper Layouts!

Just some layouts all about Coops! I used Leeann Pearce's bubble tree that she sent me! I just love them and it just worked perfectly with this piccie of Cooper hugging a tree at Hamilton Island! The second one is of Cooper's Easter photoshoot, I still have to do a layout of Cooper doing his egg hunt (will do it one day!!) I don't normally use purple (I'm not a big purple person anyway) on the boys layouts but it seemed to go really well with his purple bunny ears!

We are off to Rocky this weekend to visit family for their birthdays (30th and 60th). Hope you all have a great weekend!!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Piccies to share!

Well my dinner was lovely last week with my girlfriends!! So nice to not have to run around after children and really catch up. Loads of laughs were had and Mel did the best impersonation of the "chk chk boom" girl!! The decor in this restaurant was really nice we just had to have a pic!

We went to the park this morning with Zalia and Sunita (Z's mummy). I took some photos of the kids but how hard do you think it was to get them all looking?? This was the best and Z still isn't looking!! Still cute anyways!

I was determined to get some photos of the boys together so went to mums for lunch and bribed Cooper with lollies to sit with his brother! This was one of the best, both frowning but so cute with Coops arms around his brother, Kobi just laughs and looks at his brother all day long!! I think Cooper is definately going to be our footy player, he loves it and is so rough to go with it!

A Kobi layout in his cute little beach hat...... its so tiny! I love the colours in this, I am really loving orange at the moment on their LO's and even dressing them in it! Kobi had his 6 month needles and check up last week. He is now 6.8 kg. He is alot smaller (I think a kilo smaller) than Cooper was at the same age but still growing so that's the main thing! Kobi might be my little halfback instead of a front rower like COops!! LOL!

Better be off now, I am trying to get Kobi's bottle into him but he's such a shocker and won't drink them at the best of times! Thanks for taking the time to check out my piccies and what we have been up too!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

AHOY!!! there me hearties...........

I decided to get a little bit creative and dress Coops up as a pirate, he loved it and just loves that "Captain Feathersword" of his! He also can't quite say "Ahoy there me hearties" he says "Ahoya me hearties" instead! Totally adorable!

Some layouts now to share. The first is of Kobi's first Easter photos. I am not fussed on this LO and I think I just worked out why, those bunny's look evil, look at them, they look mean!!!!LOL!!! I also don't really like red on my pages for some reason! I just can't get the red right!

Cooper had a ball this day flipping his little jumpy ballpit thingy (great description hey?)!! He was in fits of laughter and so happy! Just had to scrap it!

My gorgeous Kobi Jack, I got this idea off Leeann Pearce with all the "K's" in the background. I also played on the K a little bit and wrote "K is for kissable" even though it is actually for Kobi too!!!

Just one more piccie of Kobi I took yesterday with his little bare bum!

Must be off now, got to get the boys their dinner and bathed before I go out for dinner with a few of my girlfriends! Tim is looking after the boys. Can't wait, don't do this very often so should be nice!

Thanks for checking out my blog.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

How cute are my boys???

Yes, I am extremely biased but I do think they are just the most adorable little boys in the world!!! Cooper's cuteness just makes up for all of his naughty behaviour lately!! LOL! Just some piccies from the weekend , we went out to watch DH play football and he even scored a try for his boys! Yay! Kobi is just starting to get the chubby cheeks and thighs, now that he has started eating solids, so so cute! Other than that he's still a skinny baby boy, my boys just aren't chubba bubba's.

This one is of my little spunk before we headed up to Rocky for the Wiggles. The new thing is to say "CHEESE" when we have a photo (hence the cheesy look on his face)!! OR maybe that face was because I told him we wouldn't go to the Wiggles unless he stood there for a photo...... LOL!!!!! evil mummy!!

Kobi and I just before we headed out shopping the other day, who by the way is 6 months old this week!!!!!! OMG, I want him to slow down with his growing or might be almost time for another!! God help me if I get another boy! LOL! Love them to death!Now just one more Layout before I toodle off to bed. I have done a few layouts over the weekend but just haven't had time to photograph them yet.

I am off now to snuggle up under the doona, it's sooo cold and we haven't even hit winter yet! My gosh I think I actually might freeze to death this winter! Hehe! I also just realised how BLUE my post is tonight, oh well, blue really suits my boys!

Nighty night xx

Monday, May 11, 2009

More Layouts........

Here are a couple more layouts to share. This first one is for May's sketch over at Very bright this one, sorry may need your sunnies LOL!!!!

This one didn't really turn out how I wanted it to but I think the little dragonflies just make it. We actually always have dragonflies hanging around our pool!! The 2 big ones I made out of transperancy sheet and stamped them.

This last one I did off Pencillines sketch #133. I have had these spaceboy papers for ages and finally used them. I just love these piccies of my 2 boys. Kobi was about 7 weeks old and they were the first really good photos I got of them together!!

Not too much going on at the moment. Have actually been feeling a bit off and Cooper is on antibiotics for a yucky cough and runny nose that just doesn't want to go away. Tim is also feeling a bit off too! Not sure what the go is, I think it may have something to do with the change of weather, one minute it's really cool next minute its not! Okay better be off to wake Cooper up otherwise he'll never go to bed for me tonight and I am not in the mood for the fight that comes with not wanting to go to bed! Arrgh!!!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Weekend pics and LO share

We had a really nice long weekend, went way too fast but had some great family time!! We went out to feed the ducks and turtles at the gardens. Cooper loves the animals but now gets a little bit side tracked with all the sticks and the dirt. Typical boy!!! On Sunday we went to the beach with some friends. It was such a beautiful day and there is nothing more relaxing than sitting under a nice big tree and playing in the sand.

How cute is Cooper little bum shot, complete with dimple!!!

Oh yeah, his swimming lesson's have now changed and he goes on a Tuesday now WITHOUT me. He cried and cried this morning and kept yelling "Mummy, wanna get out", the teacher asked me to be out of sight. So I went out to the carpark to catch my breath. It upset me so much seeing him like that but I know it's for the best and he really needs to learn to swim. At the end his teacher "Terri" told me he did well, he did everything she asked but it's just the separation. I am sure in a few weeks he will be better, in the meantime I will just take my magazine and sit in the car and wait!! Breaks my heart but we will get through it!

Finally a layout about my boy and his love for cupcakes! I got the cutest little cupcake rubons from Maya Road. So so cute!

Off to bed now, thanks for taking the time to leave me some lovely comments!!