Friday, July 31, 2009

My baby crawled yesterday.......

Only a couple of steps with his hands and knees but it won't be long until he is cruising around. He goes from laying on his belly to a sitting position easily now. It all looks so funny because he is little. So totally cute though but he is getting frustrated and trying so hard. I weighed him last week as he turned 8 months and he is now 7.3kg. He seems to be putting on 200g a month. He is a small eater and I barely get 2 solids into him a day and he is having 4 bottles with 180ml in them. My mother always said good things come in small packages and she also said that I was fine even though I lived on vegemite sandwiches for my first 5 years!! LOL! So I can't really blame him for being a small and fussy eater. He is having lots of little chats now and making some really funny noises. Oh, yeah and he is also waving, it's adorable. He has the sweetest little cheeks that I could just kiss all day, luckily I love his cuddles because he is extremely clingy at the moment.

We are off to Paityn's first birthday party this weekend, she is such a little princess it should be loads of fun. Thanks to Krissy too for sending me all the little princess bits and pieces to make her a card, I am making it now. Mwah! Krissy you are too lovely :) Tonight Tim and I are going out to dinner with a customer of his and his wife. I can't wait, can you tell we don't get out much!!! LOL! A little layout of me and Kob's. This post is all about him today!!

I better get moving, this has taken me forever to post, we have been down the back playing in the sandpit now Cooper is snuggled up in bed. I have to get this card finished and wrap her present.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by!!


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beautiful weekend!

The days are really nice here at the moment, we have spent a little bit of time out in the sun the last couple of days and it's seems to be helping with our colds. The sunshine is definately making me feel better anyway! Yesterday we spent most of the day out at Lilly's beach. It's so nice there, so peaceful and the dogs can run and play without worrying about them. But first we got bogged in the sand. Tim tried and tried to get the Navara out but the back wheel just kept spinning. We decided we needed help. We just set up anyway and hoped that the tide didn't reach us (luckily we were far enough up on the beach for it to miss). A couple of hours later someone stopped to get us out. We set the shade up again and stayed for another couple of hours. The boys had so much fun. Cooper loves making sandcastles and Daddy made him a tunnel and a car track for his jeep. Kobi also had fun playing in the sand for ages and he didn't even put it in his mouth (such a good boy)!! I also had fun because we took the tripod out and I got some really nice family photos (which we don't get that often)! Here are some of my faves.

Lastly I will leave you with a layout I did a week or so ago of my two gorgeous boys!

I must be off now to clean and plodder around the house and help Timmy with cleaning the cars. Bye for now. xx

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A few layouts to share!

Just some work I have done in the past couple of weeks. I can't wait to give all of these albums to my boys one day and to look back on all of these memories together with their families!

Now to update on the boys. Firstly, the big boy played footy today and scored 2 tries, 1 each for his babies!! Unfortunately his team lost and he also hurt his knee. He is tucked up in bed, had some pain killers but I'm not looking forward to the whinging he is going to do in the morning when he has to get up for work!! Lucky he works from home and doesn't have to make it out of bed until 8:15am!!! LOL! Kobi is 8 months in a few days time. He isn't crawling yet, but moves around constantly on his belly, going backwards and rolling over to get to where he wants to be. He did pull himself up on his knees yesterday and is also trying to pull himself up on things with his hands. So I don't think it will be long before the crawling begins. He is still a tiny little fella but growing slowly, he just isn't a big eater (he is alot like his mother was when she was a babe - so Mum keeps telling me). He is growing and developing so that is all that matters. He is the sweetest little thing and I just love him to bits. He is very clingy at the moment and I do love his cuddles but in the meantime the house looks like a bomb has gone through it as I can bearly leave his side and get anything done. Now, Cooper is the cause of the house looking like a bomb has hit, I think we might have to start calling him cyclone Cooper. I am trying to teach him to put things away before he pulls the next lot of toys/colouring books/books out. But do you think I am having any luck with that one?? NO, he is 2 after all!!! He is very clever and just seems to know way to much for a 2 year old. He comes out with the funniest things somedays and you just wonder where he gets it from. I sneezed the other day and he says to me "Bless you Mummy". It was soooo cute. He learns so quickly. He is great with his colours now and we are now trying to get him to count to 20 (he's got 1-10 down pat)! He sings songs and hums to tunes. He runs around the house like a ratbag and is known to tackle his brother (poor baby Kobi, I don't leave them together too often) most of the time Kobi just laughs at his antics but is starting to crack it when Cooper takes something off him. Sometimes a naughty little Cooper but I just love him so much and love watching him learn and grow! I had better leave it there, those of you who read this (does anyone read this??????) are probably over my raving on.

Anyways hope you like my scrappy things and have a lovely week!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My scrappy space and a little bit of what I used to do!

Just thought I would share where I sit and do this wonderful craft till all hours of the night!!! Now it's normally not this clean, just ask Tim!!! But it was due for a clean so I thought I would take some piccies whilst is was! On top of the printer there is a pile of layouts which are needing to go into albums. I need to get some more albums but they are so expensive and my layouts are so thick the big albums definately don't hold the 60 pages they tell you they do!! Oh well, my fault for scrapping that way!! I have so many Prima flowers and they would last me a lifetime but I can't help myself and have to buy more....... I do believe it is an addiction!! LOL!

Not many people would know but I used to paint before I started scrapbooking. Here are a couple of the ones I have left and a have up in my house. I think I stopped painting in 2004 and somehow got hooked on scrapping. Tim wishes I still did paint because I used to sell them therefore we would get money for them where as scrapbooking he says costs him a fortune!!! But he loves me!! I mainly did underwater scenes but also did some character ones (like Elmo, Tiger, Pooh, Ernie & Bert) for friends. I also did orca whales and I did a Tiger for my mother in law too. I guess this is where all the colour comes into my scrapbooking, just love it bright!!

We have still been a pretty sick household, Kobi has had Bronciolitis and we made a quick trip to the hospital on Saturday. We have all basically had a virus though with a terrible cough. Cooper is still having puffers to keep his asthma under control, his weezing has stopped though. With all this sickness I have felt so isolated and have missed not seeing our friends and having playdates. We went to the park this morning just to get out of the house!! I'll leave you with a pic of Cooper from this morning!

Go Queensland...... make it a clean sweep!!!!!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Transformers & Sleepovers

Woo hoo!!! We finally made it to Transformers tonight. Great movie!! Very full on but still really enjoyed it and it was nice to go out with just the hubby!
Cooper had a sleepover at Nanny and Poppy's last night. Dad is on school holidays so they promised Coop a sleepover through the holidays. It was nice to only be woken by Kobi and not the 2 of them! They haven't been sleeping the best at the moment, I don't know if it's the cold weather or not but I just feel like I am up and down all night. Kobi is just starting to wake now through the night aswell....aarrggh!!! I used to be able to just put his dummy back in but now he is wanting cuddles to go back off to sleep. It's not just a night too, he is extremely clingy throughout the day and I can bearly get 5 minutes to myself let alone get any housework done! He screams if I am out of his sight. Hopefully once he starts crawling he will be much better and just follow me or Cooper around.
On the scrappy front here is a pic of Cooper and Zalia which I have had since October last year and had never scrapped it. It is the sweestest pic and I just snapped at the right time!

Not much else going on, just wishing this winter weather would go away. Also on the countdown for my niece to enter the world! Only 7 weeks to go for Meage!!! I have some more layouts to share but this thing takes forever to upload so will do it another day! Must sleep now!!! xxx