Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Transformers & Sleepovers

Woo hoo!!! We finally made it to Transformers tonight. Great movie!! Very full on but still really enjoyed it and it was nice to go out with just the hubby!
Cooper had a sleepover at Nanny and Poppy's last night. Dad is on school holidays so they promised Coop a sleepover through the holidays. It was nice to only be woken by Kobi and not the 2 of them! They haven't been sleeping the best at the moment, I don't know if it's the cold weather or not but I just feel like I am up and down all night. Kobi is just starting to wake now through the night aswell....aarrggh!!! I used to be able to just put his dummy back in but now he is wanting cuddles to go back off to sleep. It's not just a night too, he is extremely clingy throughout the day and I can bearly get 5 minutes to myself let alone get any housework done! He screams if I am out of his sight. Hopefully once he starts crawling he will be much better and just follow me or Cooper around.
On the scrappy front here is a pic of Cooper and Zalia which I have had since October last year and had never scrapped it. It is the sweestest pic and I just snapped at the right time!

Not much else going on, just wishing this winter weather would go away. Also on the countdown for my niece to enter the world! Only 7 weeks to go for Meage!!! I have some more layouts to share but this thing takes forever to upload so will do it another day! Must sleep now!!! xxx


Kate said...

babies all around hey stace!! love your layout, its gorgeous, very pretty flowers :)

glad you got out for a night at the movies, hope cooper enjoyed his sleep over :) i like them too :) hehe

hope you get some rest soon stace xox

Krissy Christie said...

Woohoo for a night out for you and your hubby Stace :D Bet Cooper loved having a sleepover :)

OMG that photo is soooooo adorable!Love the LO too :D

Yay for the new niece arriving soon how exciting!!

Hope you get some rest soon Stace {{hugs}}
Krissy xx

Mel said...

Oh those little rascals! Maybe you need to get one a soundproof room and leave them in there at night?! Oh wait, is that bad parenting?? haha

Did you make it to Sarah and Matty's party?

I bet Megan is looking fantastic and Marc is ready to be a Dad (not to mention your parents ready for their first granddaughter!)

Big hug and kisses for you and the boys! xoxo

Anonymous said...

This is my favourite, favourite, FAVOURITE layout of yours ever! :)
Just gorgeous!