Saturday, August 28, 2010

Photo overload and scraps:)

Happy 1st birthday to this beautiful little niece of mine. We went over to her house Tuesday night to give her her pressies....she loved the little bike we bought her, it was a little pink horsey that she pushes with her feet......and today we went to her party. I frocked her up and went a little crazy with the camera...speaking of which, I get my new lens next week...YAY!!! can't wait. Anyway, I bought this headband from overseas for Gracie to wear at her party today, isn't she just the sweetest in it. I wasn't sure the colour would match but it did perfectly with her little spotty dress:):) So here a just a few pics from today.

My fave:)
Me and my favourite little!!!!!
Before we went over the boys did some posing for me while we were in the pool area. Check out poor little Kobi's bump on his head.....just another one to add to the list, he tripped over something at Mum's under her house and obviously he hit the floor, she has carpet under there but it's not real thick. So lots of cuddles were had and then he was back to business:)
My gorgeous 2:)
Cooper being a little spunk rat:)
Okay, on to some scrappy layouts now. Keeping up with the party post here is Kobi at Uncle Marc's birthday party chasing balloons:) I used a lollipop pin from the goodies that Leanne sent's so cute. Check out her etsy store here. I also used the lime green lollipop flowers from MyVintageBlossoms. A wee bit of felt and made my own set of balloons and a MLBOW cupcake pin.
"Chasing Balloons"

Next up is the challenge I did for Leeann's Oodles of Doodles group at the Boxx. Have a go, Leeann's doodles are the cutest!
"Sun Shiny Day"

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot......My Seaside Treasure (last post) got featured again this week.....TOOT!!!! How amazing is that:):) So stoked again!
Okay, I am going to go now and just my new Prima products I got yesterday....I don't want to use them yet they look so pretty in there packaging!! We are off to Nanny's tonight for dinner so I might get to have some scrappy time later on tonight:)
Love to you all xo

Monday, August 23, 2010

Creativeness to share:)

I whipped this one up last night for the new Color Room saying that it did actually take me a few hours once all the boys went to bed:) But it did come together easily (don't you love it when that happens) and I love the end result.

"My Little Seaside Treasure"

Another older photo of Cooper from last summer.....Yay, it's getting closer to this Summer...can't wait:):) I used Websters Pages on this too and some cute Sass felties too. Some Prima and Leeann's chippie beach hut and doiley:)

And of course some closeups:

Gracie girl is 1 tomorrow and here is the card I made's so much cuter IRL. I put the ribbon on top to hang somewhere if the want to:)

That's it for today....thanks for all the love and visiting me and my creations xo

Friday, August 20, 2010

Pretty Prima and spunky boys:)

I can't believe this little girl is 1 next week....aww, she is a beautiful little girl and I just love the way she squeals and laughs with delight whenever she is around the boys...they adore her too:)
I found this TPC Studio paper at MLS, it is so pretty and this pic of Gracie in her fairy outfit was perfect:) Loads of Prima (of course) and a Hambly transparency. I am going to be stalking the postie next week...I have a couple of packages coming with some lovely new Prima:)

"Fairy Princess"

And just one of my Cooper using a little Rouge De Garance and lots of texture:)

"Totally Spunky"

My layout in the last post"It seems like Yesterday" got featured in The Color Room....YAY!!!!!!!! I might have to have a play again with the next colour combo, it's a pretty one:)

I will leave you with a picture of the boys from yesterday....they were having hijinks in the backyard with their playgym and I got them to pose for me....well Cooper would but it was just lucky that Kobi played along!!! Awww, my sweet boys xx

So, I hope you all have a great weekend...Tim is on his way home from work so catch you guys later xo

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Color Room #19

I think I am trying to hold on to all memories of the boys as wee little bubbas.....I have been scrapping a few baby pics of Cooper lately, he is now 3 and a half and the time is just flying by, growing more and more and learning new things every day. He totally amazes me with some of the stuff he says, he is also getting more loving each day and I just love his random kisses and cuddles he gives me all day long:) Anyways I just loved this palette, I love yellow atm and the blues just perfect for my gorgeous boy:) He was 7 weeks in this photo.
"It Seems Like Yesterday"

Okies, I am off now....I am in the mood to scrap:):)

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Hope you are all having a lovely weekend....I am having a very quiet one today with the boys, Tim is out on a bucks party all day! Did a little housework this morning and tomorrow afternoon we are going to the Marina with friends:) Just a couple of scrappy layouts from last week.
"It's a Boy Thing"
I used alot of the Basic Grey "Oliver"on this, lots of doodling and a Sass Feltie police car which I have been waiting to use forever:)
Of course some close ups:
I created this using The Color Room palette #18.....Kobi with yoghurt or custard all over his face..hehe so cute! I used up lots of scraps on this one. The lovely Leanne Jago has just started up an Etsy store called Clouds and More.....she kindly sent me some of her cute little embellies to have a play with. I have used here the clouds and a little kiwi fruit sunday...the detail in this is cute, so check out her store here :)

Mwah see you soon:)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What can I say...I just LOVE colour:)

Oops, after I took this photo I realised I didn't give the sun a happy now has one:) I used some rainbows just because Kate likes my!!! but I do love rainbows too. I also have some of Leeann's cloud buttons and hot air balloon.

"You're Beautiful Like A Rainbow"
Some close-ups. I am loving this Kaisercraft music sheet stamp, you can just about use it on any layout:) MLBOW and Prima flowers too....
I just love texture, using folded and distressed edges gives a layout texture straight away. I also love using material, bandage wrap and handstitching thread....I wish I could sew but I am hopeless!
I just want to thank you all so much for your congratulations and beautiful comments on my cover layout....I am so thrilled and honoured to have made the cover. Tim is so proud of me and so is Mum......showing everyone who will listen to her "that's my little Grandson"! I think Kobi is a wee bit proud of himself too....I was taking photos of him with it today and he kept pointing to himself saying "Kobi" and when Cooper came in trying to find the layout of himself Kobi got all cranky because he thinks it's his magazine....CUTE!!! His new favourite saying would be "See that". It looks like he is saying it in this pic but he generally says it when he thinks he has done something tricky:)
The boys did a little painting yesterday....I bought some brown wrapping paper and Cooper has been painting it for me to use as gift wrap. He even did his footprint yesterday, which he has never wanted to do before. Kobi just does "dot dot dot dot dot" with his finger and he says it as he is doing it too:)
Okay, that is about it for now.....tomorrow we are meant to be heading to the show but at the moment it is pouring rain. Cooper wants to go see the big trucks tomorrow night:)

Friday, August 6, 2010

I made the COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG.................I made the Cover of Scrapbook Creations!!!!!!!!!! Yay, so excited.....I went to get a copy today but it hasn't come into my local newsagency yet. Wow, I was so surprised when I got a little email about it a few weeks ago and even more surprised that it was my little man Kobi, I was so convinced that it was a layout of Cooper:) Woo hoo, my little man is a!!!! This was the only pic I could find of the mag so it's a little small, but you will all have to go out and buy a copy now...hehe!!
And here is the much fun and too cute of the little guy:)
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weekend snaps:)

We had perfect weather over the weekend (and now it is cold again)....the water was still too cold to go in but it was fun just playing and collecting shells on the beach:)
We went back down to the beach again in the afternoon and I of course took more photos....I have had a lot of practise using my manual focus on my camera as I can't use my auto for some reason, I have to take it to someone to look at.

We have been teaching Kobi how to count and here he is with Tim counting with his fingers....he generally says......4....6.....8 and then a big "teeennn"!! It is too cute:) Sunday afternoon we had Paityn's 2nd birthday party. This is the cake her Mummy made for was so awesome, she did such a great job. I have already asked Krystin to make an Iggle Piggle one for Kobi's birthday:)
And my favourite photo of the birthday girl (or should I say fairy princess).....she is so adorable with her Angelina Jolie lips:) This picture is actually out of focus but with a bit of photoshop (I used the Guassain Blur) it now looks all fantasy-like!
Okay, that is about it for now....I do have some scrappy layouts to share but I will do another day, I am a bit sleepy!
Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite:)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Scrap the Boys CT Member = that's ME!!!

I have been asked by the lovely Susan to be apart of the Creative Team at Scrap The Boys, of course I said yes....I just luv to scrap my boys and the rest of the team is awesome:):) So here is my first layout on the team.
"Sweetness Captured"
My little snail that I made, just cut the shape out of some cardstock or chipboard and then I added some material and felt and then I painted and added a chipboard swirl:)
I think I certainly took the criteria on!!!! Loads of flowers:)

So if you wanna come play, this challenge is great.......come over here and check out what all the other talented ladies have created:)

We had a fantastic weekend.....beautiful sun shiny weather and went to a great 2nd birthday party yesterday. I have a load of pics to sort through.....but I am having terrible problems with my camera atm, I can't wait to get my new lens. I can't use my auto focus on my big lens that I am using atm and do you know how hard it is to photograph children in the manual mode when they don't stay still therefore I have loads of blurry!!!!
Thankyou for all my sweet comments, you are all too kind and for my lovely new followers(wow, 105 of you):)