Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My little monster and his trucks!

I just love the new Sass range "Monstosity"! Totally suited to my 2 little monsters, I can't wait to use more of this range. Not sure I like this one, think my mojo went a little bit out the window, but I do love the fact it is a real "Boy" page!!!

I think we have our 1st tooth coming through for Kobi too, you know when it starts to get white and wider. He is a little miserable on and off too, but I thought it was just his eczema until I spotted something happening on the bottom gum. I can't wait for him to get it, it will be so cute! Looks like he might bet his brother, Cooper's first tooth didn't come until just before 13 months! I also think Coop is cutting more 2 year old teeth. Their sleeping is terrible again, we had a shocker last night but good boys, slept in until 9 am for me today.

Mwah, take care xx

Friday, September 25, 2009

My gorgeous baby boy is 10 months............

And quickly approaching 1!!!!!!!! Weighed Kobi again this week and yep, only gained another 200 grams so he is now 7.6kg. I have noticed though in the last few days he is really wanting to eat alot more and eat when Cooper is eating!! He cracks a wobble if he sees Cooper get into his chair for something to eat which is actually a good thing because it great seeing him eat more and now I have cut down a bottle so he is only having 3 but eating alot more!
I made this layout with the new Rouge de Garence pp, I love the new ranges sooooooo much. So bright and colourful!! Sorry about all the closeups but I really love this one and wanted to share all the detail!

Check out this gorgeous little Dragon costume, I am trying to get this (or something similar) for Kobi's first birthday. I am having a Dino/Dragon theme and this is just too cute. I know it may be hot but even if I just get photos of him in it. Although it seems fairly light. I think I can only get it from America so postage is a little expensive. I don't know what to do but isn't it gorgeous.

We are off to have a bbq with family friends tomorrow and they have all boys so my 2 (especially Coop) are going to have a ball!!! Have a lovely weekend whatever you may be doing!! xx

Monday, September 21, 2009

The boys today and a Xmas layout!

Thought I should get in and do another layout of last Christmas as Christmas 09 is fast approaching us! Kobi was 1 month old last Xmas so this year will be so much more exciting for all of us, he will probably be walking! This week I am going to organise his 1st birthday party and start on his invitations seeing as he is 10 months this week. I have got the cutest little dinosaur stamps to make them up!

We spent a few hours outside this afternoon in the backyard, I took heaps of photos (how unusual!!!) Here are couple, I got so many good piccies today! Little rudie Cooper appropriately had his towell in the right spot for the last photo! He never wants to run around with no jocks on but today he did for some reason! They played and played and played in the sandpit and also in the turtle pool I filled up with water, Kobi wouldn't get in it though, too cold for him!! We are still waiting on a part for our big pool, hopefully that won't be too far away. I can't wait to get Cooper into the pool, he is doing so well at his swimming lessons, getting his arms over now!! Woo hoo for my big boy!!!

I put my 2 diamond rings in to be fixed today, one being my engagement ring. I can't remember if I mentioned it but would you believe in a matter of 2 or so months I lost 2 diamonds out of 2 different rings. Insurance is covering the most of it but that's the worst feeling looking down at your fingers and seeing a diamond is missing!! Arrrgggh!
Less than a month and half now until we go to Perth! Yay!!! Can't wait, I really must start organising myself and get some sort of list happening!
Thanks so much for popping by, it's so lovely to read all of your sweet comments!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My first Gracie LO!!!

This layout came together so quickly for me which was nice for a change!!! She was 1 day old in this pic and has changed so much! I can't wait to do my next one of her and use more PINK!!!!

My boys having a little chat at the beach. When Cooper seen this layout he said to me "Mummy, fruit salad, yummy, yummy" (the Wiggles song)!! I just love this Sass pp, I don't exactly love the way I scrapped it but still just love all the colours!

And check out this cheeky monkey........ isn't he just adorable??? Yes, totally biased mother at it again!!! Kobi's eczema is much better but he still has it a little bit! He's getting so noisy and boystrous too like his big brother. They are loving playing chasy around the house with each other now!! All I can hear is little giggles and screeches of delight!

We had a playdate this morning with Zalia, those two little rascals played so well together today with only a few fights and pushing each other!! We are off to Tim's footy presentation night on Friday night and the boys are having a sleepover at Nanny and Poppy's!! Woohoo, I may just have to have a few drinksies! My little Kobi Monster is now awake!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My boys are resting....

So thought I would do a quick post with a layout! One of the first time' Kobi went in the sandpit! He just loves it now! I just can't get enough of that Mommy and Me patterned paper by Prima!! I can't wait to get their new line Amimal Bash! I have also done my first "GRACIE" layout but haven't taken a photo of it yet (bit of a crappy overcast day today.....although I would love some rain)!
Now that I have just done my housecleaning I think I may use this quiet time now to start another LO! Mwah!! Bye for now!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Fathers Day..........

To my beautiful husband and of course to my own Dad! Hope all the father's in your lives had a wonderful day too! Just got some pics to share from today, I have been trying some new things out with my editing using actions! Not the greatest at it but it's still fun! We went to a little park this morning! Poor Daddy was a little bit sore from going down the slide with the boys everyway way possible, on his back, on his front, head first!! It was just too funny and the boys had a ball!
Have a lovely week everyone and I will be back soon with some more scrappy shares! xx

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My baby is 9 months!

My little Kobi turned 9 months the day Gracie was born (hehe funny hey)! Time has just flown and it won't be long until he is one, I should really start to organise his party soon seeing as we will be away in Perth for 11 days from early November and I need it to be all organised before we go away. Just a few notes about Kobi being 9 months ;
* you are 7.4 kg and 70 cm long
* you are having 4 bottles and 2 solids a day
* you are very fussy
* you love icecream
* you have Eczema and I have just changed you to goats formula
* you have 2 freckles, 1 on you cheek and the other on the back of your leg
* you pull yourself up on everything now and move so quickly
* your brother loves playing chasy up and down the hallway with you
* you can still fit in some of your 000 clothes but also in some 00
* you are a stickybeak and love to check everything out
* you love having a shower with your Daddy and brother but hate the bath
* your eyes are still going brown
* you think your brother is so funny when he is being naughty and cheeky
* you are loved and adored so much by your family
Here are the boys from the weekend mucking about with their Daddy! Cooper had Tim's work boots on aswell and I said to him "Oh look, it's Puss in Boot's (from Shrek)" and he turns around to me and says "I'm not Boots, I'm Captain (Captain Feathersword)"!!! So funny and cute!

And here's a pics of the gorgeous Miss Gracie! I can't wait to do some pink layouts for a change!

And lastly 2 layouts I did last week, 1st one of Coops at the beach the other of my two boys being so similar yet so different!

Thanks heaps for those who stop by and also those who leave me lovely comments!! I am off now, I have to get 2 giggling little boys out of this scraproom before it becomes even more of a mess!! xx