Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Can anyone give me tips..........

On toilet training???? Cooper was doing so well and now he has just gone backwards. He just doesn't seem to care and just pee's in his jox wherever he is, I have to almost bribe him everytime to go to the toilet or the potty, I will ask him if he needs to go, he says no and 2 seconds later he does it in his jox. I also cannot get him to sit on the pot either for his number 2's! Why does this phase take so long to complete, I have been trying to train him since his birthday. HELP!!!! It seems like he will never use the toilet....people say it will just click, but when!!!!
Anyways on to Kobi, he can take a couple of steps now. Tim and I sit on the floor with him and get him to walk between us. He is sooo wonky but hey, it's a start:) He just seems way to little to be walking anyway.
Thanks for all your lovely messages, I am doing fine, perhaps just a 24 hr thingy, who knows!
So here's Mummy and her little guy. I am absolutely loving clouds, hot air balloons (thanks Leeann), kites and all things outdoorsy atm on my layouts. They are just so much fun and cute to make:)

I have just been downstairs to sort out the kids Chrissy presents and the stuff that "Santa" is going to put in their stockings! Cooper is a bit excited about it all and we've told him what we are leaving out for him, oh it's going to be so much fun seeing his face when the cookies and milk are half eaten!!! I didn't realise I had so much stuff for them. Although once you take it out of the packaging it doesn't look like much at all. Alls good, as long as we have each other and our health that's all I am asking for this Christmas:)

Must be off, boys are up, have a wonderful day:)


Kate said...

aw stace where do you start with tt? i always said that it is definitely the hardest part of parenting that i have come across. heidi wasnt fully trained until she was nearly 3.5. i was doing everything you are doing now, just kept perservering and it just clicked one day. man i made the biggest fuss and gave her sooo much praise-- and we were out in public at the time! ive heard for boys tt that you can put a ping pong ball in the toilet for them to aim at? makes it a bit of fun, rewards charts work for some people- didnt work for us. keep at it stace he will get it. gorgeous lo love the balloon and clouds!

amanda73 said...

ive got 6 boys and they were all different, son #2 (now 15) was easiest toilet trained day and night by 2nd birthday trained himself............connor my son #6 and 4 yrs old has only been trained for a few months, it takes time and perserverence but he will get there, they do have steps backwards and it feels like youre getting nowhere but out of the blue it just 'clicks'.......... good luck with it

Liz Weber said...

Hiya Stacey, glad you are feeling better, I can relate in this heat it's easy to feel blah.

LOVE that Gracie layout - far out I knew you would do girl layouts as beautifully as your gorgeous boy layouts.

I was lucky with both kids and the toilet training was easy but Zane did have that number 2 issue at first as well but quickly got over it. Sorry no hints or tips other than keep calm about it, praise when it does happen and it will happen!!! Not much help sorry.

Take care, have a wonderful wonderful Christmas with your gorgeous family!

In answer to your question on my blog - I have sold some of my cards but haven't found quite the "right" outlet for them yet, thanks for asking and thanks for your sweet words Stacey!

Lisa K said...

Take a break from trying.....pushing him and making it " not fun" will slow him up for sure. We used the ping pong ball and it worked for us - but there are also little targets you can buy now and place on the back of the bowl.....for him to aim at! You could try that....he will get there....just in his own good time..

Her Essential Hand said...

sorry no help with the toilet training :(
LOVE LOVE LOVE that LO of you and your sweet little man.
Isnt it great seeing the kids faces on Christmas day. Makes it so special.
Happy Christmas to and your family.
:) x

Leeann Pearce said...

it's a hard one stacey..... I was always told to just have a break from it all and start again in a couple of weeks... and so i did this a few times..and well it did work for me in the end... i stop worring about it after a while... our children all do things at different levels and thats what i needed to remember...anyway I only have girls and don't have a clue about biys to be honest! so all i can say is it will happen for you... i'm sure he won't wont to pee his pants at 20 something!!! lol........... and to top it off...... Wow wow wow totally awesome I love love love that LO with all the clouds and hot air balloons... they are so much fun.... I can't stop scrapping them too... I've been into the kites of late!!! hehehehe thanks for your gorgeous comments thru the year it's been awesome...wish you and your family a merry Christmas and happy new year!!!

mwah see you in 2010!!!!!

Mel said...

Hey babes

Glad to hear you are feeling better now, just in time for me to come home and *party* with you! :P Ok, well just hang out!

Love that cute little LO you did with the boys, and Gracie's one as well! Again, I just love your little written personal messages, you are too cute. You do realise that you're going to have to buy a bigger house just to fit all your scrapbooks in soon, right?!

Love and hugs to you all, see you in 8 sleeps!! xoxoxo