Sunday, December 20, 2009

Poppy's Buggy

My Dad retired last week (he's a teacher) and Tim and I bought him a Golf Buggy! Tim has been working so hard to do it up for him as it was a "doer-upper" lol!!! We gave it to him and he was just speechless. He is so rapt with it. He has done sooo much for us over the years it is just a small thankyou and you can see my boys are going to have a ball with their Poppy in it as they get older!


Tim's mate did the paint job, it is amazing! All sparkly in the sun! If you need an awesome painter in Gladstone, let me know, we know the!!!

Have a fun Sunday, tomorrow is my birthday, getting closer to 30......... I will be 28:)



Anonymous said...

Oh wow its looking fab !! G8 work bet he just loved it !!! Happy B'day hope you have a great day to :0) xx Tina

lkamphuis said...

Wow - thats awesome - looks new!!! Have a fabulous birthday!!

Krissy Christie said...

Wow they buggy looks awesome!What a cool pressie for your Dad :D

Hope you have a fandabbydosey birthday Stace!

Krissy xx

Shell said...

That looks fantastic Stace.
No wonder your Dad loves it.
Happy Birthday for tomorrow. Tomorrow is my big boy Tysons birthday too. Hip Hip Hooray!
Hope you have an awesome day. xx

kate said...

oh gorgeous your dad is super lucky!! how cute is the photo of him with the boys, cant believe how big cooper and kobi are getting. happy birthday for tomorrow sweetie love ya xox

Mel said...

HAPPY B'DAY to you, Happy B'day to you, Happy B'day deeaaaaaaarrrr Stacey, Happy b'day to you! Hope you have a super day and see you soon! xo

PS - Great job on the golf buggy. I can imagine your dad was stoked!