Monday, December 14, 2009

Feeling blah!!

Just feeling a little bit under the weather at the moment. Yesterday I was really sick but today I am a little better, just feeling tired and weak. Just really couldn't be bothered to do much atm, I hate that feeling!

Anyways here is a little layout about Gracie, this was taken of her at 3 weeks, she is now nearly 3.5 months and turning into a cute:) Don't you just love the little castle.... it is a maya road rubon.

Anyways just a quickie post today, I am off to chill out with Coops while Kobi is sleeping:)


kate said...

hope you feel better soon stace i love all the pink in the gracie lo xo

KarenB said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. Loving the LO, you do pink just as well as the blues and oranges. Love your work xx

Felicity said...

((HUGS)) and sending healthy vibes your way.
hope your feeling a better soon,nothing worse than feeling ill at this time of the year.
STUNNING LO too :) x

Shell said...

Sorry to hear that your not feeling well Stace. I hope you get better real quick.
Love the latest Gracie LO. That rub on is soooo cute. x