Tuesday, November 3, 2009

2 more sleeps..........

Until we head to Perth!! So excited......it's going to be so much fun:) I just hope that the boys fly well. We don't fly out from Brissy until 8ish on so hopefully they will just sleep most of the time.

Just a few layouts to share:

"Mummy's Little Monsters"

"With You"

I used Jessica Simpson's lyrics in this last one of me and my love!! It's a bit cute!

MnM had a Naming Ceremony for Gracie on the weekend. Isn't she sweet. She slept most of the time so I didn't manage too many pics of her but this one is just adorable or her laying in her pram. I am one of her Godmothers too xx

I really must be off now to get more packing done. Will be back in a couple of weeks (unless I can sneak on before)!!

Mwah xo


Krissy Christie said...

Travel safe Stace!Hope you have an awesome time :D

LOVE those LO's and awwww Gracie is so adorable :)

Krissy xx

Her Essential Hand said...

Stunning Layouts.
HAve a safe trip and enjoy your time in the west.
:) x

Kate said...

wow gracie keeps changing!! she is adorable!! they grow too quick. enjoy your trip stace and stay safe xox

Shell said...

Hi Stace
How did I miss these gorgeous LOs. Stunning as always. Im so excited for you about getting published. Cant believe you havent submitted anything before now. Any mag would be proud to have your gorgeous work gracing their pages. Cant wait to see them.
Have fun in Perth. Enjoy those Scrap shops. xx

Shell said...

HI Stacey
Ive left a little something on my blog for you.X

Manon Keir said...

Hope you're having a wonderful time in Perth Stacey!!

Gorgeous LO's as always stace :)

Liz Weber said...

Hiya Stacey - hope you are enjoying your holiday.

Thanks for the message - so nice to hear from you.

I just love your gorgeous, happy, wonderful layouts - thanks for the inspiration.

Jolanda said...

Very beautiful layouts!!