Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fun, Fun!!

Lookie at what these 2 little munchkins where up to yesterday! Sorry about the photo overload but they were just to darn cute................ and MESSY!!!!!!!! They were making a card for their wonderful Poppy (my Dad) who had his birthday yesterday. What is it with kids and washers too, why do they insist on sucking on them...yuck! Check out Kobi's crazy hair too, I am holding off getting his hair cut for as long as possible! I do think it may be time around his birthday! We will see:)

More Sass "Monstrosity" of the boys! Super cute and I really like this one, I don't normally work with yellow but it looks good for something different!

I am not sure if I have mentioned it but you could probably see from some of my previous posts, but I am having some of my work published for the first time ever!!!!! Super duper excited and will be fun to see them in print:)

Getting more and more excited about Perth by the day!! Oh yeah, if anyone knows of any good scrapbook shops over there, let me know!

I really should get moving and finish Kobi's invites, I want them sent by the end of the week!



Mel said...

What does you getting published mean? Like in a book? You're so talented, as if you shouldn't get published!! :D

Jodie is on the countdown too, so am I - if only Sar didn't stuff up my flight! hahaha

Tried to call you back earlier, will try again tonight.

Love and hugs

PS - Woo hoo, first time I've managed to be the first to comment in a while!!

Nicole said...

ohhhhh loving you working the yellow, the colour totally rocks,

AWESOME news about you getting LO's picked up too, but can I just say about bloody time. Can't wait :) which mag is it though????


Krissy Christie said...

woohoo yay for you being published Stace!!It'll be the first of many im sure :D

Stunning LO as always and OMG your boys are too cute!!Im loving those painting photos :)they are adorable :)

Krissy xx

Her Essential Hand said...

WAHOOO at getting published, great work!!!
LOVE That Lo and how cute are those boys, messy and all!!