Friday, October 23, 2009

"Little Guy"......

Thanks heaps for all your hugs for Kobi, he is fine:) He's a boy, so probably just the first of many battle scars hehe!!! Anyways, here is my "Little Guy @ Play". Used JB flowers and couldn't resist making another catterpillar!

I recieved Kobi's dragon costume today. It is really cute, but too big for him!! I had a feeling it would of been he is such a tiny little fella. The body part is not too bad but the head piece is way to big and fits Cooper really well. Oh well, maybe I could get Mum to alter it a bit for his birthday. He is 11 months tomorrow and getting that wee bit closer to being 1 boo hoo!!! My baby is growing to quick!

Have a great weekend and love to you all.



Nicole said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this Stacey.

that cattapilla (sp) is just tooooooo cute.


Mel said...

I bet your mum could definitely change the costume to fit him - or otherwise you could try and get her to make a similar one and him and Coops could be twins?!

Not long until perth now!! are you excited? Totally going off on a tangent here - but I had a dream last night that Kimberley was meant to go with you, but couldn't for some reason and gave her ticket to me and I just had to pretend to be her at the check-in counter. We got to the check-in counter and Sarah was the girl working there! And she stuffed it up, because she took my license and gave it to the supervisor so they knew I wasn't Kimbo and I wasn't allowed to go with you guys! haha, too random!!

Anyway, hope that made you laugh, it made me laugh when I woke up this morning.

Have a great week and talk soon. xoxoxo

Manon Keir said...

awwww, just missed it... bet it was a stunner again!!!

Sarah Lou said...

Oh bugger! I cant wait to see it in full, I love whats in the close ups!

Shell said...

YAY Stace!. Well done on getting your LO published Im sure its the first of many. Super cute pics of your boys painting. Looks like they had a ball. Oh and thanks for the blog love.xx