Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm back.......................

Wowsers, it is lovely to be home but I am missing Perth and my bestie so much already. We had such an awesome time. Perth is just beautiful, I really loved it!! The 1st night we were there, Jod's surprised me with tix to see Britney!!!!!!!!!! I have never been to a huge concert before of someone so famous and it was great! I feel sorry for Britney and all the bad media about her at the moment..... I thought it was fabbo anyway! We did all the touristy things and saw loads of lovely places. The beaches are stunning and the Margaret River region with all the winerys is gorgeous too. I loved Mandurah and Busselton! Took the kids to the zoo and had loads of fun there as well as going to a farmstay for a couple of nights. Did a little shopping and watched a beautiful sunset! I even managed to visit 4 scrapbook stores!!! Overall it was such a wonderful holiday and a great break from our everyday life. The boys were fairly well behaved but Cooper started to get a little restless and whingy in the last few days. They flew really well but I can tell you I don't think we will be flying anywhere again soon. I am not a huge fan of it and 5 hours was enough for me in the plane. Just sooo uncompfortable, I don't know how I would ever go travelling overseas one day.
Here are some of my fave piccies from our trip. God knows when I will scrap any but will definately print some out to put on my walls, due for new ones!!

So this is what we have been up too!! I will have to go and do some blog hopping now to see what everyone has been up to and what I have missed out on:)

My baby is 1 next week, I can't believe it! The little man isn't walking yet but could possibly be soon, who really knows! He has been booked in for his swimming lessons and starts in the new year. I hope he starts to like the pool soon because at the moment he hates it!

I have just printed some photos and I am itching to scrap after having a couple of weeks off. I just hope my mojo hasn't been left in Perth lol!!! So hopefully have some scrappy stuff to share soon:)

Mwah, take care:)


Shell said...

Hi Stace
Great photos. Looks like you had a great trip.X

Krissy Christie said...

Welcome back Stace!

Im so glad you all had a fab time!

Gorgeous photos!!Cant wait to see how you scrap them :D

Cant believe Kobi is going to be 1 already :O where'd that year go? Time flies......

Krissy xx

Mel said...

Hello beautiful! Sorry I missed your call last night, i was working at touch. I will try and call you tonight on the way to the gym.

Sounds like you guys had an amazing time, can't wait to hear all about it. Glad you like Britney too - Jod told me a while ago and I had to remember not to mention it to you! That was hard! haha

Great pics - love the one you took of the beachhouses, it would be an awesome large picture canvas!

Talk soon xo

kate said...

fantastic photos stace so glad you had a nice trip... now to get some scrapping done girl!!!