Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gracie is 6 wks old!

How adorable is my little niece? I couldn't resist taking some piccies of her the other day in the bath with the soap suds around her! I think she is about to graduate out of the laundry sink into the big bath now, she is getting too big.

I scrapped some of these gorgeous family photos of us at the beach a couple of months back. I just love these 3 boys more than anything!! I used more RDG paper (loving that stuff) as well as a little bit of Prima (how unusal!!!) I am just adoring butterflies at the moment too! I think most of my layouts lately have one on there somewhere.

Cooper started back at swimming today after a couple of weeks off and we now have our own pool clean and running properly again. He has been it everyday since it has been cleaned! He loves it and I think that is going to be my greatest battle this summer...... getting him out of the pool. With getting in our pool daily as well as his lesson he should be getting quite clever at it by the end of summer (not to mention extremely tanned)!!!

I am off now to start a LO on Gracie! Bye for now. Thanks for stopping by:)



kate said...

how cute stace!!! annika is 6 weeks too, love seeing how she changes each day :)

gorgeous layout, i like the pink :) enjoy the pool! still too cold down here for swimming *sigh*

Shell said...

Hi Stacey
Little Gracie is sooo adorable and thats a fantastic photo.
Love the new LO.I think I need to try and use more pink. Looks amazing. Lovely family pics too.
Yes I guess you could say Jedd is almost walking. He takes about 5 steps and then goes, I give up this is too slow. LOL.
Enjoy the pool. Cooper will be swimming like a little fish in no time. xx

BekeNorris said...

I love reading your blogs :)
And I just love your layouts. I haven't done something like yours before,,,might have to give it a try. Where do you shop for suplies usually?

also you have a nice little group of "followers"how did you do that?

Hope all is well,
Beke x

Mel said...

Wow, Gracie is adorable. Check out those eyes - are they Marc or Meagans?? As long as she doesn't get a bit of 'ranga hair she'll be OK! lol

I can't wait to come and swim in your pool, although I have a feeling your son is going to put my 'tan' to shame!!! Lucky Coops having such beautiful skin! And as long as we don't feel the water 'everywhere'.... hahahahah

11weeks, 1 day to go!! Woo hoooooo


Shell said...

Hi Stacey
I use picnik http://www.picnik.com/app#/home/welcome
Its a free photo editing website. You can use more actions if you pay, but I use the free ones.
Just uplaod your pic
select CREATE
and then EFFECTS
I use the VIGNETTE for the black frame
MATTE for the white frame.
I like to select BOOST first for the VIGNETTE frame (you may want to adjust the strength in boost)
and CROSS PROCESS first for the MATTE frame, but you dont have to.
Then when your happy with it just select SAVE and it will save it straight to you comp.
HTH. Let me know if I can help some more.
Shell x

Krissy Christie said...

Awwww Gracie is so precious Stace!Look at those gorgeous eyes so pretty :) LOVE that family LO it is stunning :)

Krissy xx

KarenB said...

What a gorgeous photo of Gracie :)

What a stunning LO of you and your 'three' boys - beautiful as always.

Anonymous said...

Awww your niece is so adorable! And that LO is gorgeous! I'm a big fan of butterflies :-)