Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My little monster and his trucks!

I just love the new Sass range "Monstosity"! Totally suited to my 2 little monsters, I can't wait to use more of this range. Not sure I like this one, think my mojo went a little bit out the window, but I do love the fact it is a real "Boy" page!!!

I think we have our 1st tooth coming through for Kobi too, you know when it starts to get white and wider. He is a little miserable on and off too, but I thought it was just his eczema until I spotted something happening on the bottom gum. I can't wait for him to get it, it will be so cute! Looks like he might bet his brother, Cooper's first tooth didn't come until just before 13 months! I also think Coop is cutting more 2 year old teeth. Their sleeping is terrible again, we had a shocker last night but good boys, slept in until 9 am for me today.

Mwah, take care xx


Shell said...

Are you kidding? Thats a fantastic LO! Fabo as always.
I love that monstrosity range too. Ive got some I cant wait to use it.
Hope you have a great weekend. xx

Mel said...

Ooh, Kobi is getting a tooth. I'll have to check it out when I'm home! :D

Hope the boys are letting you get a few good nights of sleep - nothing worse than being tired.


Her Essential Hand said...

love that LO. All LO ROCK!!
How cute, 1st tooth!! Not good about restless nights, but I guess if there getting teeth, what can we expect.
Take Care ;)

Kate said...

hope you get some rest stace, and hugs to both the boys. beautiful layout, i was wondering when the monstrosities would make an appearance on your layouts ;) mwah xo

Beke said...

I love your photography...the quality is fantastic. What kind of camera do you have, and where do you go for printing? Or do you have a prnter at home?
I love photography and yeah, would like to go that next step...

Krissy Christie said...

Im playing with the monstrosity range in one of my DT packs Stace!Its perfect for little boys hey :D LOVE your LO!!

Awwww Kobi's getting his first tooth far out he is growing up fast!

Krissy xx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous LO Stace, I don't think your mojo went anywhere lol!