Friday, September 25, 2009

My gorgeous baby boy is 10 months............

And quickly approaching 1!!!!!!!! Weighed Kobi again this week and yep, only gained another 200 grams so he is now 7.6kg. I have noticed though in the last few days he is really wanting to eat alot more and eat when Cooper is eating!! He cracks a wobble if he sees Cooper get into his chair for something to eat which is actually a good thing because it great seeing him eat more and now I have cut down a bottle so he is only having 3 but eating alot more!
I made this layout with the new Rouge de Garence pp, I love the new ranges sooooooo much. So bright and colourful!! Sorry about all the closeups but I really love this one and wanted to share all the detail!

Check out this gorgeous little Dragon costume, I am trying to get this (or something similar) for Kobi's first birthday. I am having a Dino/Dragon theme and this is just too cute. I know it may be hot but even if I just get photos of him in it. Although it seems fairly light. I think I can only get it from America so postage is a little expensive. I don't know what to do but isn't it gorgeous.

We are off to have a bbq with family friends tomorrow and they have all boys so my 2 (especially Coop) are going to have a ball!!! Have a lovely weekend whatever you may be doing!! xx


kate said...

gorgeous layout stace i love the butterfly! that dragon is very cute!! sounds like your little boy is growing up- yay for eating more :D xox

Felicity said...

by golly, that is GORGEOUS STUNNING LO!!
What a cute party little dragons/dino's.
Enjoy your BBQ!

Mel said...

Why don't you get Pam to make him a costume?! I'm sure she could find a pattern somewhere! How cute, I can imagine Kobi in that little outfit. What will Coop wear?

Whose house did you go to for a BBQ? I'm trying to think who has 2 boys to play with... nosy aren't I?! :)

Hope you're having a good week, will ring you to fill you in on more crazy family dramas that happened over the weekend (which are finally resolved now!!). I really should have stuck to my pre-requisite for a perfect man being an orphan! lol

Love to you all

lkamphuis said...

Amazing work - You are so a Mum to 3boys - its always a challenge to do boy layouts but you seem to do it with ease!!

Manon Keir said...

OMG that is so amazing Stace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love love love it :D

Anonymous said...

That dragon costume is just too cute! And your LO as always is just gorgeous!