Monday, September 21, 2009

The boys today and a Xmas layout!

Thought I should get in and do another layout of last Christmas as Christmas 09 is fast approaching us! Kobi was 1 month old last Xmas so this year will be so much more exciting for all of us, he will probably be walking! This week I am going to organise his 1st birthday party and start on his invitations seeing as he is 10 months this week. I have got the cutest little dinosaur stamps to make them up!

We spent a few hours outside this afternoon in the backyard, I took heaps of photos (how unusual!!!) Here are couple, I got so many good piccies today! Little rudie Cooper appropriately had his towell in the right spot for the last photo! He never wants to run around with no jocks on but today he did for some reason! They played and played and played in the sandpit and also in the turtle pool I filled up with water, Kobi wouldn't get in it though, too cold for him!! We are still waiting on a part for our big pool, hopefully that won't be too far away. I can't wait to get Cooper into the pool, he is doing so well at his swimming lessons, getting his arms over now!! Woo hoo for my big boy!!!

I put my 2 diamond rings in to be fixed today, one being my engagement ring. I can't remember if I mentioned it but would you believe in a matter of 2 or so months I lost 2 diamonds out of 2 different rings. Insurance is covering the most of it but that's the worst feeling looking down at your fingers and seeing a diamond is missing!! Arrrgggh!
Less than a month and half now until we go to Perth! Yay!!! Can't wait, I really must start organising myself and get some sort of list happening!
Thanks so much for popping by, it's so lovely to read all of your sweet comments!


Krissy C said...

LOVE that LO Stace and those piccies of the boys are gorgeous :D

OMG I looked at my ring when you mentioned losing your poor thing :(

Ooooh watch my blog for my vines for sale soon too if you are still interested ;-D

Krissy xx

kate said...

hey stace your boys are such cuties!! growing way too quick. how come you guys are off to perth? love that xmas layout, i love seeing xmas pages without too much traditional colours and embellies. not good about the rings, ive heard of that a lot lately happening to people- diamonds and stones coming out of rings. xoxo

Felicity said...

oh my, love those LO's.
your boys are sooo cute.

Mel said...

Oh, I haven't had a chance to call you or check your blog - I had a bad case of food poisoning for the last 4 days! It was terrible, i wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy! BUT, I have lost 2kgs *does a dance*. lol

Sooo, how cute are your little monsters? Kobi looks adorable in that middle photo! Too cute! And I really hope you can get the big pool fixed soon - we need to be able to swim when I'm home - or as Jod says - feel the water everrrrrrywhere!! hahaha

Will give you a call soon, miss you lots today! feeling a bit homesick :(

love to you all

Mel said...

PS - also LOVE the layout of Gracie. Pink is so beautiful! And so is Gracie!! You must be doting on her!! xo

Shell said...

Hi Stacey
Love the pictures of your boys. They are sooo cute. Love your christmas LO. I like the way youve used lots of colour. Im not big on those red/green christmas LOs, abit boring and hard to pull off I think. Yours is gourgeous so colouful and fun.
Yep busy busy. Cant believe my baby is almost one. Scary!
Hey I just found the best web site with the cutest ribbons Ive ever seen. I went crazy, spent too much.
Heres a link if your interested
Hope you have a great weekend.
Shell x