Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's all about Cooper!

He is finally turning into a poser!!! Isn't he just adorable:) So photogenic! I took some photo's of his mates the other day for their mum and since then he has been like "take a photo of me" but after I take a few he says to me "Mummy, no more photos"! Btw, ta Shell for letting me know about it is sooo easy to use and has some great features for photo editing.

Just a few little notes on Cooper who actually turned 2 1/2 last month:
He can be so sweet and just come up to me (or daddy or Kobi) but mainly me and gives a little kiss on my forehead or back of my head and then continues on his way.
He is still toilet training and too be honest I think it is going to take a little while yet, so good sometimes and runs into the toilet himself next minute he does a pee pee in his jox.
When I read him books I will say a few words and make him repeat after me. He does miss out some words but he is really trying. I don't know if this is good or normal for his age but I think he is a bit clever!!!!
He is great at whinging until he gets his own way.
Plays so well with his brother but sometimes gets too rough.
His sharing is progressing and is getting much better.
He isn't a very big eater but give him cake, fruit and biccies and will eat them all day.
His first 2 year old molar has cut and I think his second is on its way. I didn't even realise the first one was there, oops!
He is the best to take to the shops, doesn't leave my side when I am getting Kobi out of the car or in the shopping centre and also doesn't scream for toys and things, I just tell him "Mummy has no money" and he seems to understand that! He also won't let me put money in any of those kiddies rides they have in the middle of the shopping centre, which is great because it doesn't cost me a thing.
He doesn't let me forget about his seatbelt and will crack up if it's come undone, such a good boy!
His fave thing atm is Scooby Doo. I'm over it:)
That will do for Cooper now, I could go on and on......... I just love him to bits.

Just a couple of layouts I have done of Cooper in the last week or so. Hope you like:)

We are off to the beach in the morning (if the weather is okay, it has been raining tonight) with friends and then to my brothers for lunch bbq. Oh, yes, I just remembered, Kobi's 1st tooth has cut (10.5 months) and I can see his second one trying to come up too!

Mwah to all you lovelies who take the time to read about us! Have a wonderful day/night:)


Krissy Christie said...

Love the LO's Stace!Yep you are right Cooper is very photogenic such a gorgeous boy :) hehehe at him loving scooby doo that boy has good taste "rooby rooby roooo" PMSL

Have fun at the beach!

Krissy xx

Shell said...

Gorgeous LOs Stacey and those photos look fantastic. Looooove Picnik.
Cooper does sound very clever for his age and it sounds like hes a good boy too.
Hope your having a great weekend.x

Anonymous said...

Great LOs and I love those cute pics of Cooper! He sounds like a good little kid too :-)

Leeann Pearce said...

Hi Stacey..... you are so right your little man cooper is just adorable and cute as... awesome photos... so loving your new creations and can i say I love all the detailed shots you are showing... so love your lumpy bumpy style Stacey... thanks for you congrats on the SBM CT gig too... I am really looking forward in creating for them... have a great week chick!mwah xx

Mel said...

Here's your weekly blog love! :)

Coops is too adorable - he definitely doesn't take after his dad! heheh, Sorry Timmy - just kidding!

Love the little stories/anecdotes on Cooper - I still can't believe how big he is getting.. he's such a little man now.

Hugs to you all.

Deb said...

Absolutely gorgeous layouts Stacey. You are one very talented lady. Love how you use lots of stars & hearts, how do you manage to create so many?

Deb said...

Absolutely gorgeous layouts Stacey. You are one very talented lady.
How do you manage to create so many different stars & hearts.

Her Essential Hand said...

what an adoarble little man you have. :)
love those Lo's, super inspiring.

Nicole said...

love your layouts Stacey, loving your pics too, you take such devine snaps.

oh and thanks for being my inspiration :)