Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beautiful weekend!

The days are really nice here at the moment, we have spent a little bit of time out in the sun the last couple of days and it's seems to be helping with our colds. The sunshine is definately making me feel better anyway! Yesterday we spent most of the day out at Lilly's beach. It's so nice there, so peaceful and the dogs can run and play without worrying about them. But first we got bogged in the sand. Tim tried and tried to get the Navara out but the back wheel just kept spinning. We decided we needed help. We just set up anyway and hoped that the tide didn't reach us (luckily we were far enough up on the beach for it to miss). A couple of hours later someone stopped to get us out. We set the shade up again and stayed for another couple of hours. The boys had so much fun. Cooper loves making sandcastles and Daddy made him a tunnel and a car track for his jeep. Kobi also had fun playing in the sand for ages and he didn't even put it in his mouth (such a good boy)!! I also had fun because we took the tripod out and I got some really nice family photos (which we don't get that often)! Here are some of my faves.

Lastly I will leave you with a layout I did a week or so ago of my two gorgeous boys!

I must be off now to clean and plodder around the house and help Timmy with cleaning the cars. Bye for now. xx


Krissy C said...

Far out Stace Im glad someone stopped to help you get the car out!Love the photos they are all gorgeous,cant wait to see how you scrap them :D Wow that LO is awesome!Love the pic its so cute!
Glad to hear you are all feeling a bit better too :)

Krissy xx

kate said...

omg stace look at kobi sitting up being a big boy!!! you must be over the moon with how gorgeous your boys are and how well theyre growing up!!!! glad you had a lovely day. xox

Mel said...

Ok, time for my weekly comment to show how much I love you all (and of course to check out your LO's!!)! :)

Great photos, love the family one of you all. I wondered who was taking them, until I read your little blog! Good work on taking the tripod. Seriously you should get into photography for a job, don't worry about the painting and scrapbooking. lol How did Sunita's photo shoot go?

I tried to phone last night, just wanted to say hi. Had a bit of a bad week and needed some love from my old besties, called jodie as well! Lucky you two! haha

Anyway, love the photos of the boys, on a countdown until I get to see you guys again soon! And when are you getting skype so i can talk to Coopy and Kobi?! I'll talk you through how to set-it up next time we chat.

PS - Jealous that you've stolen all the sun, send some to Melbourne please!!

KarenB said...

Gorgeous photographs Stace, can't believe how grown up Cooper is looking, and Kobi is getting so big!

Loving your creations as always.