Friday, July 31, 2009

My baby crawled yesterday.......

Only a couple of steps with his hands and knees but it won't be long until he is cruising around. He goes from laying on his belly to a sitting position easily now. It all looks so funny because he is little. So totally cute though but he is getting frustrated and trying so hard. I weighed him last week as he turned 8 months and he is now 7.3kg. He seems to be putting on 200g a month. He is a small eater and I barely get 2 solids into him a day and he is having 4 bottles with 180ml in them. My mother always said good things come in small packages and she also said that I was fine even though I lived on vegemite sandwiches for my first 5 years!! LOL! So I can't really blame him for being a small and fussy eater. He is having lots of little chats now and making some really funny noises. Oh, yeah and he is also waving, it's adorable. He has the sweetest little cheeks that I could just kiss all day, luckily I love his cuddles because he is extremely clingy at the moment.

We are off to Paityn's first birthday party this weekend, she is such a little princess it should be loads of fun. Thanks to Krissy too for sending me all the little princess bits and pieces to make her a card, I am making it now. Mwah! Krissy you are too lovely :) Tonight Tim and I are going out to dinner with a customer of his and his wife. I can't wait, can you tell we don't get out much!!! LOL! A little layout of me and Kob's. This post is all about him today!!

I better get moving, this has taken me forever to post, we have been down the back playing in the sandpit now Cooper is snuggled up in bed. I have to get this card finished and wrap her present.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by!!



Mel said...

Oh Kobi is getting so big! I can't wait to see him, he'll be walking by the time I get home for sure!

Hope Paityn has a beautiful b'day on the weekend, make sure you post lots of pics!

TK and I are away this weekend, only 4 hours until we leave. Wooo hoo. Looking forward to getting away.

Have a brilliant weekend. Hugs and kisses for the boys (the little ones, not Tim! haha)


Kate said...

thats so cute that layout stace!! lol @ the fussy eater, i was too apparently growing up lol. have a lovely weekend!! xo

Peggy said...

There always seems to be one or other milestone in a baby's life, always something new to look forward to. Enjoy that time, and make lots of pics to scrap ... I still have to scrap all of the baby-pics of my kids, and I could use the inspiration. I love your style!
xxx Peggy

Anonymous said...

I soooooooooo love your work - I have just been drooling over your layouts and those dolphin paintings on a lower post - LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! You are seriously one talented girl!!! Im adding you to my bloglines now so i can keep up to date with ur layouts!!! heeehee!!
Beautiful family pics you got too - I also have to use my remote or timer to try and get family ones!! u did great!!!

Manon Keir said...

wow, he's such a super cutie!!!! Gorgeous Lo Stace, love all the layering and paint and .... everything :)

Nicole said...

awww, so cute. Dea's only just starting to crawl now. A few 'steps' and that's it, has decided that he moves faster bum scruffing.

All good having a small bubba, easier to carry around hey. Charlotte was only 8.5kg at 1yr so it's a HUGE shock to have such a huge bub now, Dea is about 12kg. ekkk


Liz Weber said...

Hi Stacey, glad you guys are getting better too - it's horrible isn't it???

Far Out look at Kobi - he grew up so quickly... he is adorable as is his big brother.... Glad you are enjoying him.

Thanks for the message, so nice to hear from you, hope you guys have a wonderful week Stacey.

Krissy Christie said...

Awwww love those piccies of Kobi!Love that LO too! You are so welcome lovey :D Im glad you liked it :)

Krissy xx

Her Essential Hand said...

love those piccies of Kobi.
Hope you enjoyed the party abd your meal out!!
great LO too