Saturday, June 20, 2009

Scrappy layouts!

I only just got this Prima Rebellious range, I had been waiting on it to come to do Cooper's pirate piccies. I just love it and it fitted perfectly. If you look closely you will see on the left Captain's boat!! LOL! I also used more chippies from Leeann, but this time I chopped up her flame border so it looked like waves.
Awww, our little Kobi Monster! Just one of the many nicknames we gave him before he was born. Cooper has always been Cooperbot, like the Transformers - Autobot - yes, his father is a Transformers fan, actually I loved the movie too, we are off on a date to see the next Tranformers movie next week - anyway I think then I just come up with Kobi Monster. He's definately NOT a little monster at the moment but I am sure one day the name will fit perfectly! He is a boy after all!
And lastly a pretty (yay, love doing pretty) layout of me and my boys. They are just too cute and I love them so much including the big boy too! Sometimes I do feel like I have 3 children!! LOL!!

I am off to bed before I have to be up again. The bubbas aren't sleeping to well at the moment! Well last night anyway, hopefully tonight will be much better!

Thanks heaps for looking!



Liz Weber said...

Hiya Stace, loving your gorgeous, bright, filled with fun layouts... LOL at the nicknames for the boys and we are huge Transformers Fans here as well! Hope all is good and so nice to see you scrapping up your colourful storm!

Krissy C said...

Woohoo transformers!!Let me know if its a as good as the first one :) I liked the first one :D

Wowsers awesome LO's again!!Love them all! :D

Krissy xx

kate said...

gorgeous layouts as always stace! i love seeing what you create. hope you get some sleep soon!! something im dreading when this bub comes along. *yawn* lol xo

Mel said...

Oooh, the boys are just getting cuter. And love the page of you and the boys (including Tim!), it's so beautiful. All my friends are loving the one that you made me, they all ask me how on earth you did it! haha.
TK and I went and saw The Hangover on Saturday, and it was sooo funny - you should go and see that too, after Transformers of course. Hope you've managed to, or are using the tix I got you for your b'day! :)
love and kisses to you all. xoxo

Manon Keir said...

Oh beautiful work again Miss Stacey!!! So fun and so much to admire!
Have fun at your date ;)

Nicole said...

Gorgeous work Stacey. So bright and fun and full of texture.

Definitely going to have to organise a playdate in the future