Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Poor little sick household!

This past week has been horrible for us with sickness. All of us on the mend now but it started out last week with Tim making a trip to the hospital (on a drip) with a terrible bug. He was in so much pain, thought it may of been his Apendix but wasn't thankfully. That got him sorted out but come Saturday night and Cooper had this terrible weez, ended up taking him to the doctor on Sunday morn and was told he had asthma and was given a ventolin and an antibiotic for a chest infection which started the asthma. Tim is an asthmatic too so I guess he may be prone to it. Hopefully he only gets mild cases of it like Tim or he grows out of it altogether. In the meantime of Tim getting Cooper to the doctor I was vomiting myself. I had the same bug as Tim had but without so much pain (maybe my pain threshold is alot higher than his - having 2 kids and all - LOL!!!) I ended up in hospital on the drip by about 5pm Sunday afternoon. I recovered pretty quickly, in case I had too, a mother can't be down for too long!! I felt soooo terrible for poor little Coops, he was sick and all could do was lay in bed on Sunday and mummy couldn't give him cuddles. He was fine though, the little trooper! Kobi has also been miserable, I think he got a touch of the runs though, and he has been off his food. He won't have his solids so just trying to get bottles into him and he would also get upset if you left his side. Through all this he has still been sleeping through so that's a bonus. This afternoon is the happiest I have seen him in a few days. So hopefully we will be past it all soon!

On a happier note here are a few layouts I got done before we all got sick. The first one again, using more of Leeann's chippies, I think I am done now with the ones she sent me - Ta Leeann!
The second one is Kobi's 1st taste of icecream, he was about 4.5 months. I used a little bit of Sweetshoppe on this, I just luvvv that range, gorgeous but a bit girly, oh well!! The last one is a challange I did over at Embellished. It was to have a shaped LO and to have buttons, scallops, felt, mixed alphas and an oversized photo!

Lastly here is a piccie of the boys taken last week, Cooper the little bugger, has a thing about laying on Kobi, this time he did it gently and I ran and got the camera, turned out perfect (after some editing LOL!!!!) Best photo I have of the boys together in a looong time! They are in their jammies but it's still adorable.

So after the week we had we didn't get to Tranformers on the weekend!! DOH! Oh well I am sure we will get to it soon! Thanks heaps for stopping by I am off to finish a layout I started this afternoon!



kate said...

aw no @ the sickness!! there are definitely tummy bugs and flu type sicknesses going around at the moment stace. it reminds me of my trip to the hospital a few weeks ago, the pain was unbearable and i was on the drip for a few days with 7 litres of fluids. then when you mentioned the asthma i thought of heidi because she has a hoarse cough at the moment and mick has bad asthma (he as machine he has to go on etc) so i was told when heidi was a baby that she is more likely to get it than other kids because her parent has it or something like that. i hope now that you guys have all had it that you have a healthy remainder of the year :)

btw the layouts are gorgeous!! the ice cream photos definitely suit the sweete shoppe!!
mwah xox

Felicity said...

Oh stace, not good about DH in hospital and then yourself let alone poor cooper! Glad your on the mend though. But yes, a Mum, just has to keep going and going lol
Love all those gorgeous, you are super inspiring, you amaze with your colour, layers and paint!!
Take care

Mel said...

Oh babes, I didn't realise you guys were so sick! I must have spoke to you before it all happened! Hope you're all on the mend and I'm sure Pam or Timmy were giving Coops lots of cuddles while you couldn't, so don't be too sad!!

Cuteee photo of the boys - love it! I can imagine Coops jumping on Kobi - just wait until you have the next one, Kobi will get his turn to be the 'big brother'!!

Speak to you soon. Hugs for you all xox

Krissy C said...

{{{hugs}}} hope you are all feeling better now Stace.....sounds like you all had a terrible time :(

Wowsers awesome scrapping as always :) Love that star one!!

Im posting off your castle cut out this weekend :)

Krissy xx