Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy, happy morning!!

Yay, we had a great sleep last night with neither of the boys waking!!!!!! Just love it when that happens, which isn't all that often but that's just what kids do, I guess! Cooper even lets Mummy sleep in now while he watches Hi-5 (the new fave at the moment) But it is my fault I shouldn't stay up so late scrapping. Cooper is getting so independent, it's scary how quickly he is growing up! And Kobi at the moment is getting frustrated, I think he wants to crawl but hasn't worked out how to do it yet. Won't be long although I am happy for him to stay put for now!

The retainer wall out the front is up, it's looks great but will look so much better when completed. The cementing will get done this week and then on the weekend we should hopefully get it all cleaned up and filled behind the wall. It's been an expensive wall but worth it. Long time coming!
I have finally scrapped Cooper's 2nd birthday, so happy about that. I have never scrapped so many photos on a page but there were so many nice piccies from his birthday I couldn't leave any out!

Just a couple of wintery photos of the boys. I think it was last Friday that was sooo cold all day, generally it's gets a little nice during the day out in the sun but this day was freezing.

Have a great afternoon, off to play playdoh now!



Mel said...

Beautiful again!

Think Kobi looks like Greg! And that's got to be better than me saying the Cooper looked like KRudd when he was a baby right? :)

Hope it's not too freezing for you guys in QLD, imagine how cold I am. I don't think i've got out of my tracksuit and uggies at home for weeks now!


Krissy C said...

Love that LO Stace!!

Love the pics of the boys :D So gorgeous :)

Krissy xx

Krissy C said...

Hey Stace :)

I tagged you on my blog :D

Krissy xx

Krissy C said...

LOL Stace!All you have to do is the same as I have done only with your own answers :)then tag 8 more people to keep it going :)

Im hopeless at computer stuff to LOL

Krissy xx

kate said...

love that little cupcake !!!!

glad the wall is almost all done stace :) xox