Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Weekend pics and LO share

We had a really nice long weekend, went way too fast but had some great family time!! We went out to feed the ducks and turtles at the gardens. Cooper loves the animals but now gets a little bit side tracked with all the sticks and the dirt. Typical boy!!! On Sunday we went to the beach with some friends. It was such a beautiful day and there is nothing more relaxing than sitting under a nice big tree and playing in the sand.

How cute is Cooper little bum shot, complete with dimple!!!

Oh yeah, his swimming lesson's have now changed and he goes on a Tuesday now WITHOUT me. He cried and cried this morning and kept yelling "Mummy, wanna get out", the teacher asked me to be out of sight. So I went out to the carpark to catch my breath. It upset me so much seeing him like that but I know it's for the best and he really needs to learn to swim. At the end his teacher "Terri" told me he did well, he did everything she asked but it's just the separation. I am sure in a few weeks he will be better, in the meantime I will just take my magazine and sit in the car and wait!! Breaks my heart but we will get through it!

Finally a layout about my boy and his love for cupcakes! I got the cutest little cupcake rubons from Maya Road. So so cute!

Off to bed now, thanks for taking the time to leave me some lovely comments!!



Mel said...

Love your little update Stac! Cooper is adorable, I was giggling at his little thongs in the first pic - they're too cute! I still think he looks like Pam tho!!

See you in 2 sleeps! xo

Ps - i'm not sure what a 'rubon' is, but you've done another fantastic scrapbook page again! So cute.

Michele Beck said...

i am totaly in love with your style !!!!

Felicity said...

those photos are super gorgeous Stacey!! Sounds like a great long weekend.
yes those cupcake rubons are divine!

kate said...

just gorgeous stace!! im still laughing at the little dimply bum shot :D

sorry to hear the swimming lesson didnt go well to start with. the more he goes the better though :) swimming is really important so good on you for taking him :D xoxox