Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's soooo cold........

Where did this winter weather come from. One minute we were swimming and playing under the hose the next I am sitting here in my flannel jammies!!! I am not looking forward to winter, give me the summer heat anyday. I don't know what it is but I can't get warm and my feet are forever freezing. Oh well, hopefully it will go fast!
I think I may have now turned Cooper into a little bit of a poser (don't get me wrong though, it only happens on the odd occasion at the moment!!) He is so cute and says "Mummy, look" as in he wants to check himself out after I have taken a photo.

And a piccie I took of my little man yesterday. He just melts my heart with his adorable smile.

We are off to Cooper's first swimming lesson on Friday. Thank god it's a heated pool! I really hope he enjoys it!! I think he will because he does love swimming but being told what to do might be a different story! LOL!!

Have a lovely long weekend!



Mel said...

haha, you made me laugh - Cooper has turned into a poser? Could it have something to do with all his 'photo shoots' Mummy? lol

Can't wait to see you all next weekend and go through all the Hamilton Island photos and check out your newest scrapbook!


PS - it was 2.9 degrees here this morning, i hate winter too!!

Kate said...

hehe great photos stace, your boys are adorable. good luck with the lessons :) xoxo

Julie said...

Hi Stacey,
doing some blog hopping and thought i would pop in and say "HI"!
Your boys are real cuties and love those LO's!!

and with regard to the weather ... things are really cooling down here in NSW too!

Krissy Christie said...

Im loving the weather here in Brissy at the moment Stace :) Its good snuggly weather at night but sunny through the day :)

Oh my how super cute are your boys :D LOL @ Cooper loving having his pic taken :) My niece Morgan will pose for me for a little while then the hand goes up and she tells me "Thats nuff Aunt" LOL Hope you've had a good weekend :)

Krissy xx