Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some Layout Shares

Just thought I would share a couple more layouts which I did a little while ago. Did my first LO last night after a little break, when I started it I thought I may have lost my mojo but it all come together perfectly and I love it. I haven't taken a piccie yet but glad the mojo didn't go out the window!!! LOL!

I used a bit of My Mommy and Me by Prima in this Layout. I just love that range it is just the cutest!! Cooper was so cute trying to fit into the back of his trailer.

Loads more Prima used here aswell, I have always been a lover of Prima flowers but are now loving everything else they have in their range. Definately one of my fave brands!!

Not much else going on, having a pretty quite weekend. Tim should be on his way back from his first game of footy in a long time. Fingers crossed he comes back in one piece!



Liz Weber said...

Hi Stacey, was just checking out your blog earlier! LOVE your layouts, your use of colours is superb! Looks like the Hamilton Island holiday was so fun and relaxing - you guys are such a beautiful family... far out how quick is Kobi growing up! And Cooper will be 3 before you know it lol! Hope you guys are well!

kate said...

Hi stace :) very beautiful fun layouts!! i doubt you could ever lose your mojo :D you are sooo good at this!!! xo