Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lots of piccies to share!!

We had a fantastic time at Hamilton Island, such a shame it had to end, but back to reality now. I actually forgot how gorgeous it is over there!! Paradise - the only word that describe's it! We had so much fun and had a ball catching up with great friends. The wedding was absolutely perfect and couldn't have asked for more perfect weather! Jodie looked so beautiful and stunning! Here are just a couple of piccies from our time over there. I took so many photos so I picked out a few of my faves!

And my absolute fave (if I really had to pick -LOL!!) would be this one of Cooper as the sun was setting behind him. He just loved playing with all of these rocks up at One Tree Hill! Such a boy!

So much has happened in the last week too for Kobi. I have now realised that the process is happening way too quick again as it did with Cooper and I would just love to stop time for a short moment to catch my breath and to hold onto these moments for a bit longer. He is now rolling over and moving all over the place and also trying to push up with his legs. He has started solids and is now trying to sit up. All in his short 5 months of life. But I am excited for my boys to really start playing and interacting with each other.

As for scrapbooking the last fortnight has been so flatout and busy, perhaps even the last month. But I have some older LO's which I don't think I have shared yet so will do that soon. I am itching to get back into it!!




Felicity said...

what stunning photo's!!! its shame we have to come back to reality ey :)
Love love love those bridesmaid dresses and the colour is divine!!
Yes, kids grow up why to quick!!
Take care

kate said...

hey stace great to have you back! what beautiful photos, im glad it turned out to be a lovely holiday and the wedding looked gorgeous. cant believe how big BOTH your boys are getting. cant wait to see more scrapping from you, make sure you get back to me about that box ;) xo

Krissy C said...

Glad to hear you had an awesome time Stace!You look gorgeous :D Amazing photos and oh my your gorgeous boys are both growig up so fast!

Krissy xx