Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Everyone!!

Hope you all had a lovely day. We did, although totally over chocolate at the moment! Cooper had a ball finding all his eggs in the backyard, I was actually surprised at how easy he found them (although we did help him a little). Our first Easter Egg Hunt was a success!

I took some photos of him the other day aswell in his bunny ears catching bubbles! Do you think I could get a photo of my 2 boys together???? Not likely! I mainly get action shots these days of Coop because he can't sit still long enough to pose for me! I did get some extra cute ones of Kobi on his own too!

And this one of Kobi I took out in the backyard today. Snapped just at the right time as he isn't a fan of being on his belly therefore about 30 seconds later his head was in the sheet sobbing!

I think I have everything packed for Hamilton on Tuesday. We leave for Mackay in the morning! SO can't wait to get there and even more excited about the wedding on Saturday. I am hoping to get some really nice photos so will post them when I get home sometime next week.

Have a lovely week!

Stace xx


Krissy C said...

Awwwww Stace your boys are just too cute!!!Such cutie pies :D Glad you had a lovely Easter!

Krissy xx

kate said...

yay for the successful hunt stace!!! have a safe trip :)

Felicity said...

So glad the boys loved the Egg hunt!! Its just so cute to watch them!
Have oodles of fun at Hamilton!!
Love those recent LO's too!!
Felicity x

Manon Keir said...

awww those piccies are just too cute Stace, gorgeous!!!!