Sunday, May 17, 2009

How cute are my boys???

Yes, I am extremely biased but I do think they are just the most adorable little boys in the world!!! Cooper's cuteness just makes up for all of his naughty behaviour lately!! LOL! Just some piccies from the weekend , we went out to watch DH play football and he even scored a try for his boys! Yay! Kobi is just starting to get the chubby cheeks and thighs, now that he has started eating solids, so so cute! Other than that he's still a skinny baby boy, my boys just aren't chubba bubba's.

This one is of my little spunk before we headed up to Rocky for the Wiggles. The new thing is to say "CHEESE" when we have a photo (hence the cheesy look on his face)!! OR maybe that face was because I told him we wouldn't go to the Wiggles unless he stood there for a photo...... LOL!!!!! evil mummy!!

Kobi and I just before we headed out shopping the other day, who by the way is 6 months old this week!!!!!! OMG, I want him to slow down with his growing or might be almost time for another!! God help me if I get another boy! LOL! Love them to death!Now just one more Layout before I toodle off to bed. I have done a few layouts over the weekend but just haven't had time to photograph them yet.

I am off now to snuggle up under the doona, it's sooo cold and we haven't even hit winter yet! My gosh I think I actually might freeze to death this winter! Hehe! I also just realised how BLUE my post is tonight, oh well, blue really suits my boys!

Nighty night xx


Kate said...

gorgeous photos and boys and layout stace i hope you are staying warm! is another baby on the cards for the future or just sticking with the two adorable boys you have already? what does hubby do whilst you scrap?

LMCharlton Photography said...

Found your blog through the lovely Krissys blog.
You work is just amazing!
So bright and happy love it!

Her Essential Hand said...

love that Lo Stace. You have some very adorable boys!! lol about a blue post!!
Hope all is still going well and its not cold there!

Anonymous said...

Oh that beanie shot looks like a selfie! How cute!
Love your work stacey - always absolutely stunning! :)


Krissy Christie said...

Awwwww Stace your boys are soooooo cute!!Cant wait to see how you scrap them :-)

Awesome scrapping as always .....I love your work!

p.s 28 isnt so bad LOL
Krissy xx