Thursday, May 21, 2009

AHOY!!! there me hearties...........

I decided to get a little bit creative and dress Coops up as a pirate, he loved it and just loves that "Captain Feathersword" of his! He also can't quite say "Ahoy there me hearties" he says "Ahoya me hearties" instead! Totally adorable!

Some layouts now to share. The first is of Kobi's first Easter photos. I am not fussed on this LO and I think I just worked out why, those bunny's look evil, look at them, they look mean!!!!LOL!!! I also don't really like red on my pages for some reason! I just can't get the red right!

Cooper had a ball this day flipping his little jumpy ballpit thingy (great description hey?)!! He was in fits of laughter and so happy! Just had to scrap it!

My gorgeous Kobi Jack, I got this idea off Leeann Pearce with all the "K's" in the background. I also played on the K a little bit and wrote "K is for kissable" even though it is actually for Kobi too!!!

Just one more piccie of Kobi I took yesterday with his little bare bum!

Must be off now, got to get the boys their dinner and bathed before I go out for dinner with a few of my girlfriends! Tim is looking after the boys. Can't wait, don't do this very often so should be nice!

Thanks for checking out my blog.



kate said...

hey stace hope you enjoyed your girls night out with dinner :) LOL those bunnies look a bit sinister dont they!! i like the red though!!!

LOL @ the pirate photos, at least he is a willing participant hehe xo

Felicity said...

how cute does Cooper look as a pirate!! and Kobi he is just adorable!!
Love the Lo's and I am inspired again!!
I like the one with the red too!, but I know if your dont use that colour much it is hard to become to like it. IYKWIM.
hope you had a fbo night your girlfriends!

SkyeMJ said...

Cutest pirate piccies ever! :)

Love that play LO too! So bright and funky and fun

Hope you had fun @ your dinner!