Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Piccies to share!

Well my dinner was lovely last week with my girlfriends!! So nice to not have to run around after children and really catch up. Loads of laughs were had and Mel did the best impersonation of the "chk chk boom" girl!! The decor in this restaurant was really nice we just had to have a pic!

We went to the park this morning with Zalia and Sunita (Z's mummy). I took some photos of the kids but how hard do you think it was to get them all looking?? This was the best and Z still isn't looking!! Still cute anyways!

I was determined to get some photos of the boys together so went to mums for lunch and bribed Cooper with lollies to sit with his brother! This was one of the best, both frowning but so cute with Coops arms around his brother, Kobi just laughs and looks at his brother all day long!! I think Cooper is definately going to be our footy player, he loves it and is so rough to go with it!

A Kobi layout in his cute little beach hat...... its so tiny! I love the colours in this, I am really loving orange at the moment on their LO's and even dressing them in it! Kobi had his 6 month needles and check up last week. He is now 6.8 kg. He is alot smaller (I think a kilo smaller) than Cooper was at the same age but still growing so that's the main thing! Kobi might be my little halfback instead of a front rower like COops!! LOL!

Better be off now, I am trying to get Kobi's bottle into him but he's such a shocker and won't drink them at the best of times! Thanks for taking the time to check out my piccies and what we have been up too!



Felicity said...

your boys are growing and still very adorable!
Totally love the background with the piccie of your girlfriends!! sounds like you enjoyed your night!
Love that LO too, you work with orange brilliantly, something I am not good at, but you have inspired me, might try a little orange again myself.
Enjoy the rest of your week!!

kate said...

hey stace great photos!! im envious that you can do beautiful boy layouts as well as using orange. nice work!! xo

Mel said...

Oh Stace, love love love that photo from us at dinner! Will have to get a copy of it, as well as the photos from hamilton!
Was such a good night, one day soon i'll get you all out for REAL drinks... so I'm not the only one doing internet impersonations and divulging too much! haha

Love the photos of Z and the boys - they're so adorable! Hope Kobi is ok after his needles.


PS - How is my LO of love with rub-ons coming along?! :) you know i'm kidding!!