Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Some shares and piccies :)

Hello everyone, posting some more projects today.  First, I have a couple of Prima shares that have been seen on their blog recently.
This creation was made for a free day with Prima, no sketch, no colour palette, no theme in mind.  So I just went with it and got artistic as usual.  Man, I love this kids eyes! 
"Love Your Baby Blues"

Detailed shots:

Moving onto the November PPP.

These colours were quite challenging for me but I am really enjoying grey atm!  But Red, I still can't do, my least favourite colour to scrap with along with purple!!  Anyway, I managed to get a little red in there.
"Life is Better When You are Laughing"

Oh, I just want to say thanks to Lou for getting me addicted to Florist Vine.........

I also have another Shimmerz project to share today aswell.  I had a mini canvas, 12cm x 12cm, and a wooden initial 'S' sitting around in my scraproom for a while so I decided to add the two together to come up with this decorative piece.
The Shimmerz I used are here:

Blingz in Grinchy Green
Shimmerz in Tickle Me Turquoise and Antique Lace
Vibez in Egg Noggin and Hermit the Frog
Spritz in Treasured Hyme
Coloringz in Lime In Da Coconut and Heidi Ho Blue
Enamalz in Sparklicious
Also added in lots of Prima pretties and a little chipboard.

I really wish my photos would do it justice but the Enamalz on here just makes everything so so sparkly and pretty!

Blending the Shimmerz together to paint the peacock feather.

I have also added colour to the Resin pieces using the Shimmerz.


Well it seems a long time since I have shared some photos here of the boys.  To be honest I have been quite slack with a. taking photos and b. editing the ones I have taken.  So here are some that I took the other day.
My Mason, my gosh, we call him mischief!  He is such a busy 17 month old.  I don't know if I have just forgotten or not but he is into everything and pulls everything out, doesn't play with any of it, just has to pull it out and make mess, I really don't remember Coop and Kobi like this.  He is totally different to his big brothers,  they would never leave my side and still don't, Mason is a different story, he couldn't careless and has no fear!  Just walks off...I am so not used to that!
Lets just say his cuteness certainly makes up for his cheekiness at the moment. 

My little Kobi, soon to be 4!  Kindy next year, he is so ready!!  He's still my super sweet boy and I am going to miss having him around so much next year.  Loves his little brother, a little too much and can't keep his hands to himself sometimes....grrrr.....we keep telling him Mason is going to be bigger than him one day....lol!!!  Always looks for his Coopy!

My big boy Cooper.  I am so so proud of how he is doing at school especially as he is one of the youngest (but one of the biggest....hehe).  I could certainly do away with his tantrums atm, I thought kids where meant to get better in this area as they got bigger......anyway, everything is superheros or lego or skylanders!  Still comes into our room every night! He now has a little mattress on the floor next to my side of the bed!

Oh I love this one, dribble and all :)

Even Batman has to mow his yard!

These two are the best of mates.....have their moments naturally but really do get along great!

So this one is a fairly common sight you would see at our place.  Wrestling, fooling around, whatever you like to call it :)

Okay, last photo today is of the boys when we went away a couple of weekends ago.  This was as good as it gets........love it anyway, LOVE them to pieces !!

I also got to meet a very special girl the other day......This girl is so sweet and talented and I'm so so happy I got to meet her and her family :)  Enjoy your holiday Flis x

I really have to get off here now, another project to complete :)
Take care, have a wonderful week and thankyou for popping by xo


Evgenia Petzer said...

LOVE, love your style! and teh boys are so cute:) you are one happy mom!

Anonymous said...

oh my, such gorgeous layouts again! and the pics of your boys really make me smile - mine are so similar and i suppose, after reading about your youngest one, that is what is waiting for me when my baby grows a little bit!

Lizzyc said...

Hi Stacey, wow your boys are so handsome and so cute, they will be great mates as they grow together too.. and your layouts are stunning, I just look at them with awe! Love your 'S' too.. love the gorgeous flowers and products you use.. enjoy the rest of the week!!

Kate said...

no no no no!! Mason can't be that big boy in those photos !! He is a wittle wittle baby!! :( where has the time gone stace?!! Love your projects darl!! mwah xx

Melinda said...

Gorgeous projects Stace! Boy your boys are growing up big and gorgeous as ever...they remind me of my too...hope you have a beautiful weekend :)x

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Gorgeous work, Stacey!!! Love them all! :D

Thuria said...

Waow! Gorgeous! I especially love the second one, the colours are terrific!