Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What is up with the weather???

I have packed up all of our winter stuff, not that we have much winter here anyway, but the last few nights have been cold......I even turned on Kobi's heater 2 nights ago!  Has it been cold everywhere else?  I know there has been alot of rain down south and we have had a lot more than normal for Spring but I want the heat to come back.....I wanna get in the pool with my boys.  Cooper got in on the weekend with Tim and just cried.....geez, we are in Oct, not to mention it is flying by!!  Anyway, I'll be whinging in a few months time it's soooo hot.......actually no I won't, I heart summer.  So the boys cubby house got started on the weekend, Dad is making them one.....I can't quite picture what he is going to do but knowing my Dad it is going to be pretty spectacular.  I will have to take some pics of the process:)  I am taking the boys to Dorethy on Friday with a friend....I am sure they will enjoy it!

So onto some scraps, I am guessing that is why you are here!  This is The Color Room palette #28.  As soon as I saw this one, I new I had to give it a go.....I collected everything I had in these colours and off I went.  I had one sheet of purple paper (that's how often I scrap with purple).  I have had this OA doggie card for while now, I haven't used any of them out of the set....I love the cards but I think my style isn't vintagey enough to use them.  Anyway I made use of one, I think it's a bit cute:)  My boy loves time at the park (what child doesn't) and I just happened to snap his beautiful smile the other week.  More Such Sweet Tierney and The Chip Chop Shop.  I made the little hot air balloon with material and there is also a cloud in there from Clouds and More ......cute!


Just some closeups:

Just another layout I did last week.  Of my Kobi Jack.  He says "dot, dot" when he paints....totally adorable:)

"Dot, Dot"

Some MLBOW buttons.

I also found some old paint brushes I had laying around and added them on too:)

I recieved a parcel today of lots of new papers....Websters, Sass and OA, hopefully I will get to play with it soon!!

Have a fantastic afternoon, my next post I will have some exciting news to share:):)


Kate said...

gorgeous pages stace i love the paintbrushes :) xo

lizzyc said...

oh such special memories scrapped with such color!

Leanne said...

oh oh oh.. NEWS.. wow.. exciting cant wait..
and i love those layouts.. and the paint brushes ... fabulous.. actually i have a pic of ivy with paint on her face and am thinking of doing a stacey young inspired page because of it..so wish me luck....{seriously}.. anyho.
should be off.. and i agree about the weather.. its freezing {the last couple of days.. } and must admit that i'm alittle annoyed with all the rain.. even though its still super dry.. okay enough rambling..sorry about that..
sugar baby

Mel said...

I actually don't come to your blog for your scrapbooking (Don't hate me all you stacey-scrapbooking-lovers!), so keep going with your stories about the boys! And the weather.
Actually, don't whinge about the weather - just come to Melbourne and then you'll understand why! I'm so albino and freezing! :D

Can't wait to hear your exciting news! :D