Saturday, October 16, 2010

Scrap the Boys is up!

The new challenge is up over here ......this is a great challenge and definately an easy one for me, I don't think I do any layouts without material on them:):)  It's so fun and I love the texture it brings to the layout.

"Cute Denims"

I have used more Such Sweet Tierney buttons (I can't get enough of these),  some Sass scraps and a Prima summer carnation.  Oh yeah, there is also a little Prima stud puppy in there too, can you spot it? 

Just a quick one today, the boys are out and I am doing the housework....the music is turned up and I am on a roll so I better get moving:)  Enjoy your weekend.



Leanne said...

sweet.. that is awesome.. i love the photo.. and you rokin with the denim clouds..super fun layout.

Kate said...

gorgeous stace love the fabric and the title too!! xo

Treesa said...

Yep totally perfect! :)

lizzyc said...


Mel said...

I am still wondering how you are going to store these - they're so amazing but you must have hundreds now!! Maybe you could make a scrapbook wall downstairs and rotate them in and out of frames - that would be seriously awesome! :D

I've got a cold cause it was 4 degrees down here this week and I went out in the hail!

Not long until I see you again - can't wait for more sunshine! xx