Friday, September 10, 2010

So cute!!

Awwww, this is the cutest range ever by Prima...I am in love with it:):) Cooper calls his little brother 'his''s totally sweet! He keeps telling me how he wants another baby like Kobi.....and I keep telling him the same thing too;) I think I used pretty much all of the "So Cute"range plus some new flowers and leaves and a tiny bit of Rouge De Garance, The Chip Chop Shop and MLBOW.
"He's My Baby"

We are heading to Coral Cove this weekend for a wedding. It should be a great day, it is Tim's cousin so all the family will be there. I bought myself a new dress and a funky little necklace from Diva so it will be lovely to dress up:):) I made this card for them using all Prima, I even used the packaging in this one.


This next layout is of me and my bestie of 25 years (yep we meet at Kindy)'s about being hopeful that one day soon we can share the journey of pregnancy together. I know we live on opposite sides of the country but this would be so fun and special to share with fingers crossed we both fall soon:)
So this morning the boys left with Mum and Dad to go to Elliott Heads (which is not far from Coral Cove). We will meet them there tonight. Tim and I will travel down this afternoon. Anyway, I have been feeling really strange and lost today without them....and it has only been 5 hours. I think it is because I have been home by myself too and it is just plain weird, no noise, no tantrums, no kisses, no cuddles, no abc kids, no cleaning!!!! It is amazing how those little tantrums drive you nuts but when they aren't around it's strange.
Okay, if you made it this far, I better get moving and make sure I have the last of our stuff packed. I have made a special canvas for a friend so when I get back I will share it with you:)
Enjoy your weekend and thanks for visiting me and your sweet comments:)


Kate said...

have a great weekend stace, my fingers are crossed for another baby for you!! love the page about you and your friend :) p.s. would love the house to myself!! LOL xox

Shell said...

These are all beautiful Stacey. All the best with the baby plans your a braver woman than me to take on 3 lol.
Hope you have a lovely weekend.x

KarenB said...

Have a great time at the wedding, hope the weather holds. Loving these LO's and smiling at Cooper wanting another bub :)

Leanne J said...

have a super fun and beautiful wedding.. oh boy you are sounding clucky.. so hopefully you will fall soon.. oh an i totally know what you mean about no kids.. since the breakup my ex has the kids on the weekends and it is SO quiet..just lucky that i work the whole weekend so i cant dwell on it..but anyho.. cherish the quiet sometimes...
lovin the layouts.. mmmm nice prima..yum

Amy said...

your layouts are wonderful! wow so much detail!

Mel said...

I love that one of you and Jod - how beautiful! Are you sending it to her for her bday?!

Chat to you tomorrow.

Big hugs and kisses to you all. xx

Kim said...

your way with papers, embellies and colours always amazes me....and the photos..gorgeous, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog

Nerrida said...

Am just loving your work Stacey - all so beautiful & wonderful detail. Oh and 3 is wonderful - I had a 6 year break before #3 and life just wouldn't be the same without her - blowing lots of baby dust your way.