Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Scrap the Boys.....

Just a quick one today. My layout for Scrap the's a great challenge this one, your boys nickname (s)...check it out here :):)
Tim said to Cooper a while ago "What's your name" and Cooper replied "Cooper"and Tim said "Cooper who"and he replied with "Cooper Bot"..........He now knows that his proper last name is Young and not cute:)
I better go, I'm half way through cooking dinner:)


Jolanda said...


Liz Weber said...

Hi Stacey! Hope you, Tim, Cooper and Kobi are well this week! Hope you are feeling good!

Love the cute little nickname!

Just loving the stars and colours of this layout, love the funky design and Cooper seriously has the most cutest yet cheekiest smile!

Have a great week!

Lizzyc said...

wow... totally stunning! love looking all over your layouts to see what little treasures are placed where!! well done.. love your layouts!

Tania Martyns said...

stunning !

Leanne J said...

all those bots... super.. super.. so fun.. yay.

Kate said...

gorgeous stace!! love your work mwah!! xo

Gwendolyn said...

Amazing LO!

Hugs Gwendolyn

amanda73 said...

wow, thats an amazing layout, wow, all your work is just breathtaking. love it, that challenge is on my to do list