Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Time away and sick kiddies....

We went on a road trip up to Townville last Thursday for a wedding. Took Mum and Dad up with us to look after the boys on the Saturday night. We have never been there so it was lovely and somewhere we would love to go back to in Summer:) Unfortunately Cooper came down with a virus a couple of days before we left and then turned into Asthma.....was getting him on the mend and then Kobi got sick with a terrible cough and gradually got worse over the weekend and then yesterday late afternoon when we got home I took him straight up to the hospital. Not on his chest thank god, so he is just on some antibiotics to clear his throat and nose. So anyway's just a few pics from our lovely trip otherwise:)

Us before going to the wedding on our balcony:)

My little poser Cooper:)

We went to the Wildlife Sanctuary just out of Townsville.....it was great and that little wombat (Tonka) was so adorable:)

Coop having a pat of the crocodile which was surprisingly softer than the wombat!

I think I am yet to do a post without anything crafty in it so here is the Wedding card I made:) I am off to have some rest now, I can start to feel my throat is a little tingly and a bit of a cough coming on......always the way, it just goes from one of us to the other...aarghhh to Winter!!


Jolanda said...

lokks all very nice!!!Cool the pic with the crock!!!
And the blue's are fab,love it!

-Aina- said...

Gosj what a beautiful card that you have made. ♥♥

What a lovely little wombat.

Kate said...

gorgeous card stace!! and love the photos, i am sitting here freezing looking at you in a dress and the boys in the water!! so cold here!! hope the boys are on the mend soon xo

Francine Burgess said...

wow just found your blog..some seriously inspiring work..will check back more often!

sarah said...

oh my goodness.... a wombat! :) how neat!

first time at your blog, but loving it! will def be back.


Liz Weber said...

Hi Stacey, your holiday photos are gorgeous, you all look like you had such a wonderful time away and together.. Love that photo with Tonka, too cute!

That wedding card is devine, so bright and colourful and so "you".

Hope you are feeling better, we are coughing and unwell here as well :-(

Life in Colors said...

Wow, what a great photo's ! Love the one with the wombat! So you could really cuddle him??!!! That's awesome!!