Friday, June 18, 2010

A layout for ME.....

I don't do very many layouts for myself of just myself and my thoughts but I really felt it was time. I also don't give away much on this little blog, so here is just a little bit more of me. I have also incorporated some hidden journalling which I don't think I have ever done before either. I am addicted to Glimmermist at the moment and my collection is getting bigger, the colours you can get are amazing, in this one I used the new Cosmos, it's so yummy:) More gorgeous Prima and some Websters...once again perfect for each other.

"I Dreamed Of Pink"

Some closeups:)

I am not sure if you can quite read my journalling, but basically it is my thoughts on having a third child. After having another miscarriage back in March it has made me realise how much I want another child....those plans have been put on hold for a little bit longer due to the type of miscarriage I had but like Tim's says "some things are worth the wait". I am so thankful for my boys everyday and the joy they bring into our lives so if we had to stop at these 2 I would be forever grateful......but if we get the chance to have another we would be over the moon.

I having been trying to figure out how and what to write on here about this, but I just thought it was nessasary to share as this is me, this is what I feel and everything is all good:):)

Anyway, I hope you like the layout, I think it is really pretty!!

I am off now to play some playdoh with my little man:)

Thanks for visiting:)



Kate said...

absolutely gorgeous stace, all my favourite colours and elements in this piece. I love the hidden journalling and i really feel for you and your dream for a 3rd but having to have that wait. all good things come to those who wait, and if it is meant to be it will happen for you. in the meantime i love all the gracie pages you do :D
love you xo

Liz Weber said...

{{hugs}} Stace, it's very brave of you to share something like this. So sorry to hear about that.

Your layout and your positive outlook are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing Stace, I do hope you get that pink dream!

Krissy Christie said...

Sending massive {{hugs}} to you Stace, you are very brave to share your story.I think journalling about your feelings is a great way to let your feelings out. I have recently started a journal to help me work my way through my own losses....

Beautiful work as always *mwah*

more {{hugs}}

Krissy xx

Jolanda said...

very beautiful,nice paper work!!Love all the details!
Have a good day,Jolanda

Nicole said...

firstly awww Babe, feel for you. Hope you get to fullfill your wish of a third child

secondly Loving this Stace, all those gorgeous flowers, and the moving hidden journalling.



Leanne J said...

awesome layout.. amazing.. and i love the journalling.. and having had a miscarrage myself i know how you feel.. and i too did layout just for me of my feelings.. great page.. the colours and the layers.. superb.