Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My scrappy space and a little bit of what I used to do!

Just thought I would share where I sit and do this wonderful craft till all hours of the night!!! Now it's normally not this clean, just ask Tim!!! But it was due for a clean so I thought I would take some piccies whilst is was! On top of the printer there is a pile of layouts which are needing to go into albums. I need to get some more albums but they are so expensive and my layouts are so thick the big albums definately don't hold the 60 pages they tell you they do!! Oh well, my fault for scrapping that way!! I have so many Prima flowers and they would last me a lifetime but I can't help myself and have to buy more....... I do believe it is an addiction!! LOL!

Not many people would know but I used to paint before I started scrapbooking. Here are a couple of the ones I have left and a have up in my house. I think I stopped painting in 2004 and somehow got hooked on scrapping. Tim wishes I still did paint because I used to sell them therefore we would get money for them where as scrapbooking he says costs him a fortune!!! But he loves me!! I mainly did underwater scenes but also did some character ones (like Elmo, Tiger, Pooh, Ernie & Bert) for friends. I also did orca whales and I did a Tiger for my mother in law too. I guess this is where all the colour comes into my scrapbooking, just love it bright!!

We have still been a pretty sick household, Kobi has had Bronciolitis and we made a quick trip to the hospital on Saturday. We have all basically had a virus though with a terrible cough. Cooper is still having puffers to keep his asthma under control, his weezing has stopped though. With all this sickness I have felt so isolated and have missed not seeing our friends and having playdates. We went to the park this morning just to get out of the house!! I'll leave you with a pic of Cooper from this morning!

Go Queensland...... make it a clean sweep!!!!!



kate said...

go you cane toads whoohoo!!!

beautiful paintings stace and your scrapbooking space is a perfect reflection of your style- bright and fun :) you are so talented!!

p.s. never change your style just cos they dont fit in albums hehe.

-- cooper is gorgeous!!

Krissy C said...

OMG Stace I want your scrap room!And your flower stash lol Woweee awesome paintings you clever chickie!Awwww poor little ones being sick :( {{hugs}}

Cooper is such a gorgeous boy :D

Liz Weber said...

Hi Stace!!! LOVE that gorgeous photo of Cooper - he is growing up so fast, as is Kobi. Hope you and Tim are good! I LOVE your spacious scrap space, the colour is perfect for you! I am NOT suprised you have even more artist talent - those paintings are BEAUTIFUL - the colours are gorgeous. I hope you keep painting! All good here - yes I still do layouts I just don't share them oops! Thanks for your scrappy inspiration! Have a great week!

Nicole said...

OMG, I'm coming to your place. Your room is incredible :)

and those paintings girl I thought you must have taken photos of 'prints' you have on your walls. You have one HUGE talent.