Monday, March 16, 2009

A little lonely........

Tim is away in America now for 2 full weeks, I am missing him a great deal especially at the boys bed time. It's hard when they both want to be cuddled. We are managing but can't wait for him to be home (2 weeks is really a looooong time). I am sure the time will fly, my days just seem to pass me by so quick.

Kobi received this little robe as a Christmas gift from a good friend, oh, you melt my heart little boy!!!

I made Mum this card for her birthday last week.

And here's my lil' boy painting up a storm!! He just loves it, painting, colouring, drawing on his chalk board, you name it. I incorporated the actual painting he did this day on the layout under his hand print.

Off to bed now I think. Oh yeah, is anyone else totally bummed that Danny left "So you think you can dance" tonight????? It is soooo hard to pick, they are all fantastic, I just wish I could shake my booty like them! LOL!!!
Good night.


Her Essential Hand said...

Stacey, I found your blog through a page out of the sketchbook. YOur work is amazing super inspiring!! You have 2 cute little boys!!
Hope those 2 weeks fly by!!
Not fun when hubby is away.
Felicity x

Liz Weber said...

Looking good Stacey - love what you did with Coopers' hand print and painting and Kobi sure is super cute in that robe. I am sure the 2 weeks will fly by and Tim will be home before you guys know it. Enjoy your time with Cooper and Kobi.