Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another rainy afternoon!

It's raining again, we seem to of had so much rain in the past few weeks! I am loving it for my plants and grass but it is very hard to keep Cooper entertained inside all day. Yesterday afternoon he had his little mate, Baylee, over to play, they had a ball out the back (in the rain) on his slide and bikes! Here they are with the water pistols that they were squirting in each other's faces! The only reason they looked at me was because I told them I had a frog on my head (hence the look on Baylee's face)!!! LOL. It seems to be a saying I am using alot lately to get Cooper to look at the Camera, but he always says "no" when I ask the question!! So funny!

Tim is still away and I am doing okay, thankgod for the webcam!!! Bought these little shoes for Kobi the other day for like $3. Bargain!! And a layout of my "Summer Bubba".

I had better go and wake Cooper up now, he fought me to go to sleep at lunch time, but had finally crashed after 2pm, if I don't wake him, it will be midnight before he goes to sleep.

Have a lovely rest of the weekend.



Mel said...

Your page and your little entries are too cute Stace! Love reading it, and Tk is VERY impressed with your scrapbooking! I told him I''m on your case to make me a romantic one lol Love you lots xoxo

Stacey Young said...

Thanks chicky!!! Just send me a photo you want done and I'll do it!