Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Love notes and Jagger :)

Hi there!!
Last week I made a few little tags and paper bags for my all of my boys (except Jagger) and filled them with some love heart choccies for Valentines Day.
I used the Crate Paper collection Hello Love to make the tags.
Made the paper bags myself and just added some turquoise spots to them. 
So my little Jagger is 4 months old already!!  Crazy, huh?!!!  I swear he was only born last week :)  We got our little Bumbo delivered last week and it's been the greatest thing I have bought!  I am sure he won't get too much use out of it as he is a bit of a chubba (all 8kg's of him) but it's fantastic for this in between stage where he can't sit up by himself but he wants to sit up all of the time.
I pulled out my camera today, for the first time in ages.......it's really just too convenient to use my iPhone.  But I definitely need to pull it more often.  These photos are so cute.  Out of the 50 odd I took, a lot were out of focus!  I'm certainly out of practice in that department!

Oh I hope these beautiful blue eyes are keepers.......


I am still swaddling him to sleep.  I definitely didn't do it this long with the other boys but he seems to sleep better wrapped up.  He manages to break free most of the time though :)
Have a lovely evening xxx

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